Yuri!! On Ice: Ice Adolescence LIVES!!

Yuri One Ice Ice Adolescence Victor Nikiforov

The Yuri!! On Ice: Ice Adolescence movie has risen from the ashes of 2020 and tweets out some updates for the masses!

First of all, no, Ice Adolescence does not have a release date yet. I know, that’s the biggest news that a lot of fans are waiting on, but we need to wait a bit for that bit of information. Instead, we get the trailer that a bunch of lucky Yuri on Ice fans got to watch back in January 2019, which is pretty darn awesome in and of itself! 

I speculated back in January of 2019 that the trailer would be released to a wider audience in a few months, but I was off… by a couple of years. Whoops. My bad. But that’s alright, because we’re getting it now! And guys, we could really use some good news in 2020 so let’s enjoy it!

Victor looks AMAZING. His costume is very much what was described on Twitter by the fans who got to see the clips back in 2019, so major props to all of those lucky viewers who spent the time to describe it to us in such detail. Fan artists were able to replicate it very closely through their art. Seeing it with my own eyes, however, is beyond exciting! I can’t wait to see the full sequence play out. It feels very much like Jason Brown doing Riverdance

The artwork also looks amazing and I fully understand why it’s taking longer than anticipated. They truly want to bring us something special and high quality. Yes, I too wish we’d get it sooner, but MAPPA deserves our patience and understanding here. Besides, there’s the whole pandemic thing to add on top of their already intensive labor of love, so we should definitely cut them some slack here. 

Their full statement reads as follows:

The production of “YURI!!! on ICE the movie: ICE ADOLESCENCE” is still ongoing with the aim of further enriching the film. However, we have not yet reached the stage where we can announce the release date.

Our team will continue to work diligently to deliver a film and share our unwavering love and dedication for skating. We deeply apologize to all fans for the circumstances and ask for generous understanding.

YURI ON ICE Production Committee
MAPPA Co., Ltd.

If you are feeling antsy for some content, though, I got you. I wrote this article to help tide you over: 4 Queer Anime Titles (and 1 Donghua) To Watch While Waiting for Yuri on Ice. And now I’m on a donghua kick, so I have another recommendation as well: Tian Guan Ci Fu. Between these recommendations, you’ll probably be able to occupy yourself for a while as we wait for MAPPA to bring this incredible production to life.

This year has been pretty crappy, but this little nugget of content is something to celebrate. Take your positives where you can get them and squee about them unabashedly. Let’s wrap up 2020 by staying happy and healthy and looking forward to the future when our current global crisis is over. Ice Adolescence will be waiting for us on the other side and it looks like it’s going to be spectacular.

Author: Angel Wilson

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