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  • The Geekiary’s Favorite Women in Geek Culture 2016

    It’s a tradition here at The Geekiary to highlight our favorite women in geek culture at the end of every year, and doing so feels even more important now as we head into a frightening political climate. Attacks against women online and in real life are spiking as certain groups feel empowered by recent political […]

  • Stranger Things Season Two Finally Announced

    To the surprise of nobody, we are getting Stranger Things season two in 2017. Stranger Things was a surprise hit this summer.  Our very own Erin wrote a recommendation –  Stranger Things: 80s Horror Nostalgia at Its Best.  I was late to the game thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, but when I finally sat down […]

  • Stranger Things Is 80s Horror Nostalgia At Its Best

    Every now and then there comes a show where everything just fits: the nostalgia factor, music, characters, acting, story, and art direction. I found that Netflix’s new series Stranger Things had the perfect blend of all of those variables and resulted in one fun series to watch. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy […]