Take Our 2022 Geekiary Demographics & Feedback Survey And You Could WIN A Funko Pop!

Every few years, we ask all of our loyal readers to take a few minutes out of their day and provide us with some valuable feedback. This year, thanks to Funko, we have a little more incentive!

Our survey serves two purposes. One, it tells us a little bit about you, the readers. The demographics of our audience is something we need to provide for virtually every convention press application, along with stats like hit counts and page views. We want to make sure we our accurately representing our readership when we fill out those applications.

Two, it provides us with valuable feedback about what you are looking for from us. The Geekiary has always been for fans, by fans, so we often write about what we’re interested in. We’d love to hear what brought you here in the first place and if we’re doing a good job. And if there is something you like that we’re not writing about, let us know and maybe we will add it to our coverage!

It only takes a few minutes, and we really appreciate everyone taking the time to fill it out.

We hope that you will do the survey anyway and help us out, but this year we have a little bit of extra incentive. At San Diego Comic-Con, the good people at Funko gifted Admin Angel with some convention exclusives. We will select one lucky reader from the surveys we receive, and that person will get to choose ONE of the four Pops we have.

Pops include: Ted Lasso (vinyl), Justice League Starfire (vinyl), Silk (bobble-head), Anastasia (Diamond collection vinyl). All Pops are SDCC exclusives (with the sticker to prove it!). 

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The three Pops that are left after the winner has made their choice will be given away at later dates, so make sure you keep coming to The Geekiary and follow us on social media (linked at the top of the sidebar) if you aren’t already!


  1. You must have filled out the survey to be entered. (If you don’t want to fill out every question, we understand, but you need to have answered more than one question to be considered.)
  2. US residents only. I am so sorry to have to make that limitation, but with shipping costs what they are, it’s just not feasible for me to send something internationally.
  3. Winner will be chosen on or around 9/8/22 and contacted via email. They will have three (3) days to respond, after which we will choose another winner.

Thank you, and good luck!

Author: Admin Team


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