A Very Squishable Halloween: Plague Doctor Review


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Squishable brings cute to the pandemic this Halloween with new plague doctor characters! What better way to keep your whimsy during the darkest timeline than with The Mysterious Doctor Plague! 

I received this product for free in return for an honest review. The opinions I have shared are my own.

I’m already a Squishable believer – I ordered their 15″ comfort food peach Squishable during a site-wide sale over the summer and it often serves as a pillow, a cuddle friend, and stress relief. I was ecstatic to receive and review Doctor Plague because I’ve seen it advertised everywhere.

He measures approximately seven inches tall and wears a black hat, black robes, a white plague doctor mask, and features a lantern in one hand. The lantern, when exposed to light, glows in the dark. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay lit for long but it’s still impressive considering it’s a stuffed toy. 

The lantern in action

It’s the perfect size to snuggle in your arms (I definitely have napped with it). The feather-soft ‘fur’ material is cozy and fuzzy and great for people who enjoy different sensations. Even the pointed beak is soft.

From the Squishable website:

Medieval plague doctors thought the smelly herbs and flowers they stuffed in their masks would keep them healthy. They didn’t. But their impenetrable (and spooky!) leather outfits actually did! That coat was like the hazmat suit of their day. Today we have soap, so unless you particularly like wearing a lot of leather, maybe just wash your hands instead. Actually, wash your hands either way. Now wash them again.  

Halloween stores all across the world are featuring their plague doctor merchandise at the very front. Medical masks and hazmat suits are available costume accessories. It only makes sense that a cuddly counterpart to the scary plague doctor of the 17th century exists. 

The best thing about this Squishable plush is, like all the other plushes, there are absolutely no drawbacks to owning this little guy. Kids and adults alike will love him. He’s great as a display piece or just a cuddly toy. Even my dog was a little too interested in him. 

Along with the plague doctor, the plague nurse is also available for pre-order on the Squishables website. Not only are there plushes but there’s Doctor Plague merchandise like shirts, leggings, pins, phone cases, hats, backpacks, and much more. 

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Image via Squishable

The Mysterious Doctor Plague plush comes in four sizes: micro (3 inches and attached to a keychain), mini (at 7 inches), regular (15 inches), and massive (at around 32 inches). The plague nurse is currently only available in the mini 7″ size.

Bring home a little Doctor Plague or Plague Nurse to keep you company during quarantine!

doctor plague plush

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