Agents of SHIELD 2×07 Review: The Writing on the Wall


This week’s episode brings us some answers and conclusions to questions posed last season. We finally get to find out what the heck is going on with “Ward who has information about [Skye’s] father who just happens to have the alien buzzkill device which is somehow connected to the writing which is somehow connected to the GH serum that is in [Coulson and Skye’s] blood.” Skye’s recap of the events that got us here are spot on. When Coulson says that “we don’t know how the pieces fit”, he’s just reflecting how the audience feels. And now we can finally breathe a sigh of relief… they finally tells us what is going on! Yet, in true Marvel fashion, there is always more.

I’ve really enjoyed the turn the Agents of SHIELD has taken since the mid-first season turn that delved into the Coulson story. I knew it wasn’t going to be a simple cut and dry story, yet I had no idea they could and would drag it out this long. Shame on me for forgetting that Joss Whedon was involved.

So in this episode we have two main stories and one smaller one: Skye is watching Coulson while May is off, tracking Ward (with Bobbi, Hunter, and Tripp). Then we have the developing “bromance” between Fitz and Mac, that has Jemma on the outside. Though the mystery of the writing is solved (it’s actually blueprints for a city!), I was drawn more to the Fitz & Mack vs. Simmons dynamic, which was the storyline with the least amount of screen time this week.

10155021_10100470262390062_5630764711963611922_nI have always loved Fitzsimmons since the show started, they were hands down my favourite new characters. With what happened to Fitz at the end of last season and Simmons essentially abandoning him (yes, I’m sorry, but she totally did) at the beginning of this one, their relationship has changed significantly, there is no more Fitzsimmons. I feel that this was made abundantly clear in this episode more than than any other aired so far this season.

When Fitz & Mack steal the body, Mack says, ”You want something in life, you got to grab it and walk out like you own it.” Simmons immediately comes into frame to dispute this “Is that all it takes? Really? Because I thought if you wanted something in life you had to work hard and earn it.” As the old Fitz would have agreed with Simmons, the new one wholeheartedly goes along with Mac. With his brain damage, it seems as if he is finally doing something more – yes, I loved the nerdy Fitz, but he felt confined last season and afraid. Now, it seems as if he is coming out of his shell; that he is not required to rely on his intelligence, and just be himself. I’m really interested in seeing where they take, not only Fitz, but this counterbalance with Mack and Simmons each perched on one of his shoulders.

10426301_10100470262360122_4432720108561215303_nIn regard to the Ward storyline, I’m sorry, I just find it tiring. I’m honestly not interested (as of yet) with him, and honestly never have been. Ward just seems like a stock character for me and has not engaged me at all. This is no fault of Brett Dalton or even the writing, it’s just my own opinion. I find him a yawn from start to finish. I’m hoping this will eventually change, because I really want to like him, or at least feel like I should.

As for the main plot this week revolving around Coulson and the writing, I have to say, seeing the writing complete makes you not crazy… a bit of a cop out, but there’s only so far you can really go to paint yourself out of a corner, or in this case, carve. I’m glad we are over the Crazy Coulson, don’t get me wrong, and that we have direction again, but it just seems too easy. I say that, yet Marvel and Joss Whedon never make things that easy.


I am looking forward to where this revelation of the writing is going to go. We know that it’s Kree and now with the announcement of Captain Marvel for Phase Three of the MCU, I’m really hoping that it will set up the movie, or maybe even have a glimpse of Carol Danvers on the small screen before we get to her cinematic debut. I wouldn’t put that possibility past Marvel at all. If they can bring Nick Fury and Lady Sif to TV, I’m sure the reverse wouldn’t be too out of the realm of possibility.

Ultimately, though we did get more answers to questions in regard to the overall mythology for Agents of SHIELD, we also got more questions. I’m quite excited for what is to come, and nothing has really made me diminish my love for the series since its debut. If anything, I’m rabid for more episodes and answers. I really just want more!

Author: Bandit

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