American Horror Story: Coven 3×08 Review: The Sacred Taking

1229991_207148909468918_1908983628_nAmerican Horror Story: Coven came back after two weeks and it showed all the witches banding together in order to face the war that’s upon them. The episode had a little dose of character development and showed the witches’ scared ritual to save the coven.

For me, this whole episode was about Fiona and Cordelia. There were relationship issues between the two from the start. Fiona’s cancer is killing her and she can feel her power draining. The Axeman tells her to run away from him and that he’ll stay with her in the end. However, Fiona refuses and goes back home. I could understand what her character was going through. She has led a life of power and independence. But her cancer and the new Supreme are taking her powers away. She knows death is upon her but the idea of falling apart and becoming ugly isn’t something she’s looking forward to. She does contemplate killing herself but decides to stay alive just to spite people who want her dead. The episode also showed Fiona’s fear of dying alone and, regardless of what she has done, you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her.


Cordelia has had enough of her mother and gathers the witches to execute her plan. I really liked how the whole thing worked out. Cordelia attacks Fiona when she’s the most vulnerable. She uses Madison and Myrtle in order to target Fiona’s mind and make her take her own life. Fiona killing herself is an important part of the ‘Sacred Taking’. But as it’s AHS: Coven, we know nothing is going to be easy. While the witches wait downstairs for Fiona to die, Spalding appears in spirit form to save Fiona. I wasn’t expecting Spalding to have such kind of power. I really enjoyed the two scenes in which Myrtle took some of Fiona’s jewelry and when Fiona walked down the stairs to the other witches disappointment. In the end, Fiona was proud of Cordelia. Her daughter showed guts and she was proud of her. I think their relationship has mended a little bit and it’s a good thing because they need all the power they can get to fight the threat that’s lurking near.

As far as the “Who’s the next Supreme?” question is concerned; it’s still in the air. The episode did try and show Misty as the new Supreme but Fiona’s eye roll when she resurrects Joan, their neighbor, gave us a hint that it isn’t Misty. Maybe it’s Nan? Or even Queenie? Who knows! Speaking of resurrecting Joan, Cordelia’s husband, Hank, seems to have started his mission and is out for blood. I really want to see the interaction the husband and wife will have when they come face-to-face. Will Hank be able to shoot his own wife? Or will Cordelia be strong enough to kill him before he does more harm?

Kyle still doesn’t do anything. All he did was learn (remember?) how to talk and I’m not interested in seeing the love triangle that’s bound to happen when Kyle confesses his love for Zoe and Madison eavesdrops. I’m hoping against hope that Kyle will get something more to do in the season.

Queenie seems to have gone over to Laveau’s side permanently. However, she feels guilty and brings LaLaurie some food. I have a feeling that Queenie will side with the witches in the end. Or maybe something else will be coming after all the magical women? Something far darker that will make the voodoo practitioners call a truce?

601183_207148986135577_1474713300_nAll in all, it was a fun episode with some great scenes featuring Fiona and Myrtle. I’m happy that Fiona didn’t die. The witches need someone strong like her to protect the coven. I’m excited to see what the show decides to do with Joan. I wasn’t expecting to see how she treated her son behind closed doors. Oh! And the scene in the end does show that Delphine can’t die. What I couldn’t get was why Marie would send the head back to Fiona? Is it because Fiona did the same to her lover? It’s not like Fiona and Delphine were friends. I think that Delphine’s head might have some sort of a message for the coven

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