Another Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer Shows the Ape Point of View

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Wow, 2.7 million views on YouTube since yesterday! I guess the people want more Apes, too.

I’m really glad to see the evolution and development of the apes’ society. When I’d heard that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes takes place many years after Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I was worried that the story would just skip ahead to an ape-dominated world, like in the original films. At a time when there are far too many good stories being turned into unnecessary franchises with prequels and origin stories, it’s cool to see that this series seems to be handling things right.

My only concern is that this trailer makes the story look like it’s exactly the same as the last one, minus the “boy and his ape” part (which was the best part of Rise, kind of like how the first half of the first Transformers movie almost worked because of the “boy and his car” element). But hey, getting Gary Oldman instead of James Franco means we get another great actor in the lead, so hopefully it’s all good.

The original trailer did a great job burying the lead: at first, we had no idea what “mankind must fight back against overwhelming odds” movie it would be, until we saw CAESAR:

Somebody create some awards for Andy Serkis, already. His genius really needs to be recognized. I’d give him Best Actor: Cloud Atlas already proved that actors don’t have to look anything like themselves to do an amazing job.

The planet’s “evolution” is also being shown off in these cute teaser videos released last week. Here’s San Francisco (the setting of Rise), with a cool shot of the Trolley line and Alcatraz:

Here’s New York:

And London (Does Big Ben have to represent London every time? Surely there are other landmarks that could be used):

Say, shouldn’t “DAWN” come before “RISE”…?

Author: Mike Hansen

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