Hannibal Renewed, Castiel is Back, Other Shows Not So Lucky



Two of the biggest campaigns we’ve been seeing in our little corner of fandom has been for Misha Collins to return for season 10 of Supernatural and for Hannibal to be renewed for a third season.  News that both of these fandom wishes have been granted got released within a few minutes of each other.  Over 3,000 postcards were sent into the CW network on behalf of Misha and numerous trending events occurred on Twitter.  The Hannibal fandom also sent in postcards and successfully got #RenewHannibal to trend.  Needless to say, Twitter is filled with a lot of excitement today.  “Hannibal” began trended on Twitter many hours before the show even aired because everyone was talking about it.  Congratulations to both the Fannibals and Misha’s Minions for the successful campaigns.  Your voices were heard and your wishes were granted.

Other fandoms are in mourning today.  Eric Kirpke’s Revolution and Dan Harmon’s Community both got axed.  While we don’t cover either of those shows here on the Geekiary, we know that those fandoms overlapped with a lot of what we do cover, so our heart really goes out to you guys for your loss.  Saying goodbye to a show that you’re deeply invested in is always a difficult experience.  Community was a cultural phenomenon that lasted for five seasons.  It resonated with the geek community deeply and inspired numerous memes across the Internet.  Revolution wasn’t as long lived with only two seasons under its belt, but it was the brainchild of Supernatural‘s Eric Kripke and had fan favorite writer Ben Edlund on the writing staff.  Both shows will be sorely missed by a lot of people.

So congrats to the fans who have a lot worth celebrating today and sorry to those who are having their shows cut short.  It’s the season for Fall TV news and I’m sure there will be lots more news, both good and bad, coming in the following few weeks.  Good luck fandoms!  Hope for the best, but brace for the worst!


Author: Angel Wilson

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4 thoughts on “Hannibal Renewed, Castiel is Back, Other Shows Not So Lucky

  1. I am SO ecstatic Misha is returning, and as a regular, in season ten! Misha’s Cas is one of the main reasons I watch SPN!

  2. This is the best news ever Misha is back 4 Supernatural 10 Cas is my fav character and his earnt his right to be with the winchesters side fighting the bad guys , i hope we get alot of TFW episodes next year and Cas becomes a hunter he can loose his mojo i dont care as long as they keep him involved more with Sam&Deans SL and not being constantly kept apart most fans enjoy having him with the winchesters, Im also glad Hannibal is going to have another season i enjoy that show as well .

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