Buddy Comedy About Former Supervillains “Deadweights” Gets April Debut by AHOY Comics

Deadweights issue 1 AHOY Comics
Deadweights Issue 1 – Cover A (Image: PR/AHOY Comics)

AHOY Comics will be releasing the debut issue of the action-adventure buddy comedy starring former supervillains Deadweights come Apil 10, 2024. The upcoming six-part series is by writer Tyrone Finch and artist Sebastián Píriz.

The premise for Deadweights has indeed caught my attention and I’m interested in seeing what creatives Finch and Píriz have planned for readers. The narrative is about two villains named Jerry “Cannonbulk” Patton and Clarence “Bounder” Barrett being fired from their villainous team of mutants. They try to live an ordinary life but quickly realize that taking such a turn is easier said than done.

According to Finch, the core of Deadweights is about friendship. The two leads have “been relentlessly beaten, battered, tossed off of bridges and forced to live in hideouts with no electricity or plumbing.” However, even after all of the hardships they have gone through, the duo never gave up on each other or the dreams they still hope to one day pursue.

The Deadweights comic book is supposed to offer readers a “hard look at what happens after a fight” as the story explores villains who have become tired of their villainous ways. Other than that, the story will also explore heroes who “aren’t as heroic as they want you to think.”

Judging from the promotional material, the upcoming series seems to have constructed a fictional world where things aren’t always black and white. I’m here for an exploration of human nature and the gray that exists in all of us. Also, it’s kind of fun to delve into the lives of villains in such a manner. In a sense, everyone deserves a second chance, but more often than not, society is unwilling to offer said opportunity even if the people concerned are ready to put in the work.

Deadweights issue 1 AHOY Comics
Deadweights Issue 1 Page 3 (Image: PR/AHOY Comics)

Debuting on April 10, 2024, the first issue of Deadweights will feature a main cover by Piriz as well as the first of six “mug shot” incentive covers by Richard Pace (Second Coming), which will form a linked image.

As for the creators, Finch is from Cleveland, Ohio. Finch has authored several prose stories and comics that appear as extra content in a bunch of AHOY Comics. He’s also written the graphic novel Swine from Humanoids. He’s also worked as a writer/producer for the BET+ series Average Joe.

Deadweights issue 1 page 5 AHOY Comics
Deadweights Issue 1 Page 5 (Image: PR/AHOY Comics)

Píriz (@SebastianPiriz) is from Buenos Aires with more than a decade of experience in mostly the indie publishing side of the industry. His work includes We Ride Titans (Vault), Exorcists Never Die (Mad Cave), and Godzilla: Valentine Special (IDW). He co-created Black Beacon with Ryan K. Lyndsay for Heavy Metal Magazine. Píriz has done covers for Red Sonja, Stranger Things, and Transformers.

Deadweights issue 1 AHOY Comics
Deadweights Issue 1 – Cover B (Image: PR/AHOY Comics)

I do like the art style and the preview does have some comedy in it. Also, I guess I have to ready myself for some romantic relationship drama between Bounder and Wisp down the line?

As for whether or not this comic book series will have any kind of queer representation… I have no clue.

What are your thoughts about Deadweights? Will you be picking it up?

Let us know.

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