“Call Me By Your Name 2” Trailer by Benito Skinner is the Sequel We Deserve!

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If you have read my coverage of the Call Me By Your Name movie you would know that I didn’t like it. In my opinion, it was a queer film designed to be palatable for a straight audience. And while I’m hoping the (reportedly) planned sequel doesn’t get made, the Call Me By Your Name 2 trailer by Benito Skinner is the only continuation I will accept.

Call Me By Your Name, starring Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer was released back in 2017. It garnered a lot of hype the moment it entered the market. Many praised the cinematography and acting while many said it promoted problematic sexual relationship dynamics due to the age-gap between the two lead characters (17-year old Elio and 24-year old Oliver).

The movie received four nominations at the 90th Academy Awards (including Best Picture) and won for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Of course, I reviewed Call Me By Your Name and shared how it disappointed me. It failed to properly display the emotions the novel handled wonderfully. The movie did a disservice to the source material and what it stood for by watering down the queer content and forcing the film’s narrative to follow a tired ‘summer romance’ trope. 

When the film’s Oscar-winning screenwriter James Ivory talked about similar problems I mentioned in my review, of course, I was glad.

In my opinion, there’s no reason for CMBYN to come back for a sequel, especially if it will continue to dilute the original story’s queer narrative. Heck, even the sequel novel, titled Find Me, ended up being a story about a straight romance, with Elio and Oliver’s storyline taking the backseat. Find Me also decided to retcon some of the events in the original novel. Long story short, it wasn’t met with the same applause as its predecessor.

You can clearly tell that I’m in the “CMBYN-doesn’t-need-a-sequel-movie!” camp. I just can’t with taking explicitly queer content and reshaping it into something that’s “queer-but-not-too-queer” for a mainstream straight audience.

That’s why I couldn’t help but laugh at the Call Me By Your Name 2 trailer that YouTuber Benito Skinner ended up creating. Skinner’s take on Chalamet as Elio and Hammer as Oliver is hilarious. And yes, he ended up casting Dakota Johnson as Oliver’s wife because director Luca Guadagnino enjoys working with her.

Also, the fake GQ quote praising straight actors for returning to their queer roles is an excellent drag. We at The Geekiary have discussed the topic of straight actors playing LGBTQ+ roles at length. Things are changing for the better on the big and small screen, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement in the casting process.

But anyway, back to Skinner. Kudos to his hilariously creative mind!

Seriously, this is the ONLY Call Me By Your Name sequel I will accept!

You should also consider checking out the other videos on his channel. I enjoyed watching a number of them. Skinner has done parodies of Harry Potter, the Kardashians, Lizzie McGuire, and more.

Are you someone who wants a Call Me By Your Name sequel? What will it take for you to let that thought go? Ha!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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