SurrealEstate 2×4 Review: “I Put a Spell on You”

I Put a Spell on You SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 4 review
Kay flirts with Luke in ‘I Put a Spell on You’ (Image: SurrealEstate Season 2 Episode 4)

SurrealEstate season 2 episode 4, ‘I Put a Spell on You,’ actually showed Luke fall under a dangerous spell as he found himself wanting to get closer to a new client. Also, Susan learned about how creepy her house was the hard way.

‘I Put a Spell on You’ opened with a teen boy getting attacked by something while walking alone through the woods at night. As the episode progressed, we got to see more young boys getting kidnapped by a mysterious entity that is soon revealed to be a red-haired witch.

One of the things that I enjoyed about this particular episode was that it didn’t play coy when it came to who the enemy was. We knew that the red-haired woman, named Kay Bozer, who paid a visit to the Roman Agency was indeed the witch in question. The tension came from our main cast not realizing her true identity and Luke walking toward danger as he found himself feeling attracted to Kay. It was clear nothing serious was going to happen to Luke, but the narrative still managed to keep the stakes high.

Seeing Luke be so smitten by Kay was fun to watch even though he was under her charm spell. It showed a different side of flirty Luke, and it seems he likes women who take the lead when it comes to building romantic chemistry.

Now, one can argue that Luke shouldn’t have put himself in such a position in the first place. Throughout the past episodes, Luke’s continued to compensate for losing his ability to communicate with the dead by being overconfident and handling cases on his own. The Roman Agency’s a team for a reason. There’s no need for any of the team members to do anything alone when facing the supernatural. Luke should have been more careful the moment Kay entered the office.

Also, why the heck hasn’t August secured the place with a supernatural alarm system? Kay was very bold walking into the premises like that. Who knows what other paranormal beings might decide to pay the Roman Agency a visit down the line? They did deal with a similar issue during season one. August should realize the importance of leveling up their security!

The new device August was working on did appear to function correctly. It’s supposed to help copy Luke’s ability. So, here’s hoping Luke begins wearing it because that insecure man sure needs it.

While the episode did manage to make Kay seem like an actual threat, I have to say that her defeat felt underwhelming. The battle consisted of Phil throwing a curtain on top of Kay as she bathed in the blood of her victims during the blood moon. Being blocked from the moonlight in such a manner made her revert to her actual old self and die. I’m glad that she’s gone, but you would assume a Hungarian witch who has managed to live for decades would know how to defend herself better.

I’m not sure if I read it right, but to me, it looked like Kay’s charm didn’t work on Phil because he’s gay. Also, I wonder what she meant by “waiting” for Phil. Is a Coven of witches waiting to do something to Phil? Or am I reading too much into it?

With Phil, August, and Luke confronting Kay, ‘I Put a Spell on You’ also spent time with Zooey as she tried to handle her first sale. Zooey got stuck with showing a queer couple (two women) around town to find the perfect house to buy. However, the catch was that the couple was known to be a pair of “looky-loos”, meaning that they were all about looking at numerous houses but never buying and wasting the realtor’s time in the process.

Zooey was close to calling it quits but fortunately, Rita Weiss showed up to share some advice. Rita wanted Zooey to focus on giving clients what they needed instead of what they asked for. Zooey followed Rita’s advice and managed to make the couple finally decide on buying a house.

I liked how Rita helped Zooey. It was similar to how Zooey and Susan try to have each other’s back in such a male-dominated professional field. However, it also made sense for Zooey to not want to be part of Rita’s all-female team of realtors. In a way, Rita and her colleagues wanting Zooey to join reminded me of three witches wanting new blood to be part of their Coven.

I mean, he’s not perfect, but Luke’s a far better boss compared to Rita. Luke even congratulated Zooey on making her first sale. Yes, it was one of Rita’s properties, but at least Zooey got to close the deal and gain valuable experience. Luke was happy for her.

Also, I still remember how Rita didn’t care when a man who worked for her got killed on one of her properties in season one. Rita’s cold-blooded when it came to achieving her professional goals and Zooey’s better off without her. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing Rita occasionally pop up to create some drama. 

As for Susan, I was very surprised by what the creepy house decided to do with her. Even though the house was dangerous, I wasn’t too troubled about Susan’s fate because if the house locked her in she could use her pyrokinesis to burn the place down or use telepathy to break a very tough door or a window.

However, the house had another plan. The previous episode showed that the house had magical powers when it connected Susan to one of her clients in the dream world. Episode 4 showed that it could do a lot more. I wasn’t expecting the house to be capable of moving its architecture around. The scene where the walls closed in on Susan and the house proceeded to swallow her up came as a shock to me. Susan’s freaking trapped inside the walls!

Luke and Zooey did show concern for Susan when she didn’t show up for the bowling event that she planned. So, I take it that the upcoming episode will involve the Roman Agency visiting Susan’s house and trying to figure out how to rescue her while dealing with a powerful possessed property. I’m excited! I want to know the house’s backstory and why it wanted Susan. 

Before I end my review, I do have to mention that I miss not seeing Phil’s husband Anthony. One of the things I’ve been looking forward to in the second season is Phil and Anthony’s journey to adopt a child. We’re four episodes in and Anthony hasn’t appeared once. And that’s unfortunate considering the first season had the two share some nice little scenes of tenderness together. Hopefully, I will get what I want soon.

What did you think of ‘I Put a Spell on You’? Are you worried about Susan?

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