Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×105 Review: A Wound on the Heart

boruto anime 105 review A Wound on the Heart
Mitsuki with Boruto’s picture on his bed in ‘Wound on the Heart’ (Image: Screengrab)

Mitsuki is gay for Boruto and if you can’t see that, well, we don’t know how to help you, is the core message of this week’s episode of the Boruto anime. ‘A Wound on the Heart’ showed Mitsuki trying to make sense of his feelings while Orochimaru played the role of a supportive parent.

Mitsuki and Boruto’s relationship has had queer undertones from the beginning. To Mitsuki, Boruto is the sun, while Mitsuki’s name means the moon. I appreciate the Boruto anime not using Mitsuki’s feelings as comedic relief. While I’m not sure if Boruto is going to come out as queer anytime soon, it is still refreshing to see writers developing Mitsuki’s queer emotions in a show primarily targeted at kids.

‘A Wound on the Heart’ shows Mitsuki meeting Orochimaru and Log because he hasn’t been feeling well. Since the incident with the Fabrications, there have been a lot of emotions for a young character like Mitsuki to deal with. He loves Boruto and even pretending to betray him (for a while) took a heavy toll on his soul.

I loved seeing Orochimaru playing the role of a supportive parent (as much as possible). Basically, the closer Mitsuki grows to Boruto the more heartache he will experience. Their relationship is supposed to be a metaphor about how a moth is drawn to a flame even though it will burn itself if it gets too close.

Again, the writers handled the situation in a respectable manner. Orochimaru even gave Mitsuki an option to erase his memories to help with the pain, but the young ninja refused because he cherished his life with Boruto and his friends.

It will be very interesting to see how Mitsuki’s feelings for Boruto evolve down the line. Again, I don’t know if Boruto will ever love him back (in a romantic sense), but with how things are going, I do think the writers won’t use the Gayngst trope.

Mitsuki and Boruto’s relationship, to me, feels like one where a queer kid has a crush on a straight friend. They both talk about it, understand what they mean to each other, and continue being best friends.

Anyway, let’s see what the writers decide to do.

The upcoming arc is the anime adaptation of the Steam Ninja Scrolls light novel.

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