Chucky 3×4 Review: “Dressed to Kill”

Dressed to Kill Chucky Season 3 Episode 4 review
Chucky continues to grow older in ‘Dressed to Kill’ (Image: Chucky Season 3 Episode 4)

Chucky season 3 episode 4, ‘Dressed to Kill’, offered a very enjoyable Halloween-themed episode as the death count inside the White House continued to increase.

This week’s episode opened with a news announcement about a Halloween Ball happening inside the White House to remember the death of the President’s son Joseph as well as raise $10 million for charity. I liked how Charlotte was uneasy about throwing a party while covering the recent murders. At least she’s got some sense of morality. But it’s clear that her hands are tied. The party will need to happen to keep up appearances in front of James as well as the general public. The First Family can not appear weak under any circumstances.

Of course, Chucky’s excited about the upcoming Halloween bash. The event provided him the perfect opportunity to use against Lexy, Devon, and Jake. Chucky’s decided that his final three sacrifices to Damballa were going to be the young trio. And while said decision made sense due to their past, I was kind of surprised that he changed his plan as the episode progressed.

I think that particular creative decision had more to do with giving the episode more shock value near the end instead of something Chucky would have deliberately done. I mean, he didn’t even try to have the trio stand under the chandelier when it fell (which I’ll get to in a bit).

With our trio gaining access to the White House via the party invitations, most of the episode had them trying to find Henry and Chucky as quickly as possible. Even though I didn’t like Lexy having to flirt with Grant to keep him distracted, it had to be done. Lexy’s playing with Grant’s feelings and she realizes it’s not right. But hey, when it comes to stopping Chucky, you have to make hard decisions, including using other people to get what you want. Playing with a young boy’s feelings was a price worth paying if it led to ending Chucky’s reign of terror. 

Due to Grant calling Lexy out on using him, I wonder if she will get the chance to apologize or explain her actions. As I have mentioned in my previous reviews, I won’t be surprised if Grant doesn’t make it out alive during the current season. The dude’s nice enough, but he doesn’t strike me as a fighter.

Coming back to the chandelier, Chucky decided to loosen the screws to have it fall on some of the guests. The aftermath of the so-called accident was wonderfully done. Blood and gore everywhere. I really enjoyed it.

Seeing a particular female news reporter be one of the victims did take me by surprise. I thought she was going to stick around for a bit longer to try and investigate the murders in the White House.

And again, with Chucky stating he was going to kill the trio at the party, seeing him not push them toward the chandelier made no sense to me. Why have Chucky say that during the beginning of the episode if he wasn’t going to go through with it? Hmmm.

With all said and done, Chucky was able to sacrifice 13 people inside the White House, more than what Damballa required. However, to his utter shock, Damballa continued to forsake him. Chucky’s growing older by the minute and he’s got no idea how to break the curse. The upcoming episodes (only four remain) are going to dive into Chucky facing an existential crisis. And I’m here for it.

I do wonder why Damballa’s so displeased by Chucky though. Even 13 human sacrifices weren’t enough for the dark power. What does it want Chucky to do?

As for Tiffany, we saw her be transported to a prison facility to wait out her days until it was time for her to die via lethal injection. Of course, due to Tiffany being Tiffany, she had already planned to escape as soon as she got hold of her Voodoo for Dummies book.

While the scenes in the White House were more serious and darker, the ones featuring Tiffany had more humor to them. I enjoyed Tiffany’s initial interaction with celebrity chef Evelyn (Nia Vardalos) as the two bonded over their mutual interest in cooking and murdering. However, Tiffany sharing how she had recently murdered her sister (technically Jennifer Tilly’s sister) disgusted Evelyn and what followed was Tiffany taking revenge by messing with Evelyn’s voodoo doll.

Kudos to Vardalos for going all out during that particular scene. She knocked it out of the park with the physical aspect that struck the right balance between comedy and body horror as Tiffany had Evelyn use a bunch of kitchen utensils to injure and then kill herself.

With Evelyn dead, Tiffany continued her little voodoo magic to control the prison guard and use her to begin her plan to possess the six guards that stood between Tiffany and her freedom. Tiffany will do anything in her power to not die and look great while doing it.

Now, while I enjoyed the voodoo doll play that went on in ‘Dressed to Kill’, it did make me question why Chucky or Tiffany hadn’t used voodoo dolls a lot earlier to kill Andy, Kyle, Nica, and the trio. It looks easy to do. Both Chucky and Tiffany have been close enough to the protagonists to steal a personal item to make the voodoo doll magic work.

Perhaps it’s because Chucky wasn’t interested in reading anything else from the book if it didn’t pertain to immortality. And maybe Tiffany got better at using voodoo dolls just now? Hmmm. I don’t know. But yeah, the way Tiffany used the voodoo dolls to control people made me worry about our heroes. Tiffany can end them all without much trouble. She can even make them kill each other.

Also, why isn’t the trio in contact with Andy, Kyle, and Nica? You would think they would have called or texted each other as soon as they realized Chucky was operating from inside the White House.

As for some other standout moments, SNL comedian Sarah Sherman guest-starred as Henry’s new babysitter, Annie. Dressed as Mary Poppins, she was one of the chandelier victims and got a very gruesome death scene. For those who might know, Sherman starred in a Chucky-related SNL sketch. So, seeing her be part of the show was a fun surprise.

James spent most of his screen time kind of losing his mind over possibly seeing Joseph’s ghost running around during the party. The entire scene made no sense to me. I have no idea what the writers were trying to do there. 

With Chucky going on a mid-season break on such an enjoyable cliffhanger, I can’t wait for the show to return sometime next year.

What did you think of ‘Dressed to Kill’? Do you think Chucky can stop himself from dying?

Let us know.

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