Chucky 2×5 Review: “Doll on Doll”

doll on doll chucky season 2 episode 5 review
Tiffany tells the truth to Glen in ‘Doll on Doll’ (Image: Chucky Season 2 Episode 5)

Chucky season 2 episode 5, titled ‘Doll on Doll’, showed the storylines gradually coming together as the latest season nears its conclusion.

‘Doll on Doll’ opened with the Buff Chucky having a talk with Good Chucky about how he planned to torture and kill the teens. While I still don’t trust Good Chucky, that particular version of Chucky thinks that he has managed to turn away from evil. He’s all about protecting Jake and his friends. I don’t think that will last long.

Another issue is that Jake thinks the same. From what I can understand, due to the guilt that he’s been carrying around, Jake feels that by guiding a Chucky doll toward the path of goodness, he will be able to forgive himself in the process. That’s a very risky move, but Jake’s not in the mood to listen to anyone.

The rift between Jake and Devon continued to grow. It’s disappointing to see Devon trying his hardest to look out for Jake and yet Jake’s not interested in paying attention to his boyfriend. However, I understand that such a conflict was necessary to raise the stakes. The arguments between the two teens allowed the story to keep them separated and thus in more danger.

Also, I liked how Devon told Lexy that their current relationship troubles didn’t necessarily have to do with Chucky. Even when the teens thought Chucky was dead, Jake and Devon were still experiencing relationship drama, with both of them being unable to meet each other for months even though they promised to hang out every weekend. Not only that, but Lexy also kept her distance from the two as she tried to address her past traumatic experiences on her own.

I do hope that the writers are able to provide Jake, Devon, and Lexy the opportunity to talk about their feelings more openly. I say this because if having their lives threatened by Chucky is the only way the trio can actually be together, then they all are in need of relationship therapy.

Coming to a healthy relationship moment, Nadine had a talk with Lexy about her pill addiction. Nadine pulled from her childhood with her pill-addicted mother to share her feelings with Lexy and help her see the importance of letting go of such a harmful dependency. I really like seeing Lexy getting a friend who is a girl. Here’s hoping Nadine’s able to survive the current season.

Along with Jake, Nadine’s also buying into the Good Chucky thing. And yes, I’m concerned about her well-being.

A major reveal in ‘Doll on Doll’ dealt with Devon and Lexy going through Good Chucky’s cell phone to find a clue about why Trevor’s dead body disappeared from Lexy and Nadine’s closet. Devon’s the one who’s into solving mysteries and I liked how he was able to notice something peculiar in the numerous images present on the cell phone. Apparently, pieces of other Chucky dolls were being used as breadcrumbs to lead toward some secret location. Devon and Lexy following the trail at night and reaching a secluded cabin made for quite a creepy scene. 

With the cabin serving as his headquarters, the Colonel is revealed to be a bald Chucky doll. This version of the doll’s very militaristic, sending out other dolls to do his bidding and calling them his soldiers. The cabin also had the dead bodies of Chucky’s recent victims. I have no idea who dragged the bodies all the way to the cabin. I’m also concerned about why the Colonel’s into collecting them.

Another person present in the cabin was… drumroll… Andy!

Yes, as expected, Andy’s still alive. However, what I didn’t expect was for Andy to be captured and tortured by the Colonel (for months!). I really thought he and his sister Kyle had been working together with Glen and Glende to plan Nica’s escape.

Having Andy be directly linked to Jake, Devon, and Lexy’s storyline in such a manner has me excited. I wanted them to properly team up in the first season. Here’s hoping the teens are able to rescue him.

Another reveal (Yes, a lot happened in this episode! I loved it!) was Dr. Mixter being in cahoots with Chucky. I’m looking forward to seeing some kind of flashback explaining why she’s working with a serial killer. I was suspicious of her the moment she suggested sending the main trio to the Catholic School of the Incarnate Lord.

As for the rest of the residents inside the religious institution, Father Bryce continued to make life hard for Devon. The fact that he made Devon read the religious text used to call queerness a sin was rough but expected from a character like Father Bryce. With only a couple of episodes left, I’m interested in seeing how he will react after realizing that there’s indeed a supernatural murderous doll running around.

At least Sister Catherine’s trying to look out for the teens. But then again, she doesn’t have the actual power to stop Father Bryce from punishing Devon. 

Sister Ruth’s a different story. The writers brought back Sister Ruth’s problematic notion that Chucky’s basically Jesus. Said notion was strengthened when Buff Chucky came back to life in front of her. The teens don’t know about Sister Ruth pledging her loyalty to Buff Chucky. And you know she’s going to cause trouble for them.

The Catholic School of the Incarnate Lord really has become a very dangerous prison for the main teens. They have vengeful Chucky dolls and adults in power to deal with. I have my fingers crossed that Kyle’s able to appear soon to lend a hand.

‘Doll on Doll’ also spent some time showcasing Glen trying to get their mother to tell them the truth about Nica and Tiffany Valentine. The moment Meg showed up again, I knew she was going to die. Thinking that she was talking to her sister Jennifer Tilly, Meg’s questions about their childhood understandably annoyed Tiffany.

One of the best moments in the episode was Tiffany going into a storage room to talk to Jennifer, Tilly who is trapped inside the Bride/Tiffany doll. As a fan of the long-running Child’s Play/Chucky franchise, I really enjoyed this particular scene. The Chucky series has done an impressive job of connecting decades’ worth of stories. It’s so good!

Due to her secret being finally revealed in front of Glen and Meg (whom Tiffany killed), I liked how Tiffany was able to manipulate the situation in her favor. An emotional Glen prompted Tiffany to tell them the truth about how Glen and Glenda came to be. Seeing the Glen/Glenda doll from Seed of Chucky again was just wow! Everything’s coming together!

With Tiffany driving Glen and the Jennifer Tilly/Tiffany doll to meet Glenda, I’m looking forward to learning what Tiffany’s got planned. There’s no way she will allow Kyle to keep Nica away from her. Also, with Glenda getting to know about the Glen/Glenda doll very soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if Glenda and Glen decide to transfer their souls into the Glen/Glenda doll to become whole again.

What did you think of ‘Doll on Doll’?

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