Chucky 3×2 and 3×3 Review: “Let the Right One In” and “Jennifer’s Body”

Jennifer's Body - Chucky Season 3 Episode 3 Review
Chucky meeting the doctor in ‘Jennifer’s Body’ (Image: Chucky Season 3 Episode 3)

Chucky Season 3 Episodes 2 and 3, titled ‘Let the Right One In’ and ‘Jennifer’s Body’, helped progress the current plot while also answering a bunch of questions.

With Jake, Devon, and Lexy realizing that Chucky’s in the White House, ‘Let the Right One In’ was about the young trio coming up with a plan to gain access to such a secure location. Of course, Lexy proposed reaching out to the President’s son Grant via social media. And you know what? That was actually a good plan. Lexy’s more than capable of having Grant develop a crush and make him do what she wants.

I think Lexy’s case was also helped by the fact that Grant didn’t have any actual friends in his life. The thought of helping out teens who had been through a lot of trauma and loss probably appealed to Grant.

The only thing I’m worried about is Lexy developing actual feelings for Grant and then being forced to watch him die because let’s be real, I don’t think anyone will be surprised if Grant doesn’t make it out alive at the end. Chucky’s on a mission to kill a certain amount of people (which I will get to in a bit) and Grant’s an easy target.

A major development in ‘Let the Right One In’ dealt with how the White House was going to handle the mysterious murders occurring inside it. I think covering up said murders made narrative sense. Politics is a game of secrets. So, brushing a couple of murders under the rug so as not to cause public panic and appear weak to other countries wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. Chucky couldn’t be happier. He doesn’t need to worry about cleanup at all.

Another major development involved Chucky murdering Miss Fairchild. I don’t know about you, but her death really felt like an unfortunate example of plot convenience instead of making any sense. Miss Fairchild knew that Chucky was operating from the White House. That’s why seeing her lowering her guard while alone in one of the rooms rubbed me the wrong way. She couldn’t even put up a fight when Chucky took her by surprise. Heck! She shouldn’t have agreed to go to the White House alone in the first place. Sigh!

But yeah, with Miss Fairchild off the board, our trio are orphans again and even more motivated to defeat Chucky. He’s waiting for them in the White House. So, it will be interesting to see how our trio will manage to defeat him on a battlefield that he favors.

As far as my opinion goes, Episode 3 ‘Jennifer’s Body’ ended up being one of the most enjoyable Chucky episodes. The flashback took us back to the Season 2 finale to answer a bunch of questions related to Tiffany’s current fate and why Chucky decided to infiltrate the White House.

It’s revealed that Chucky couldn’t murder Tiffany because the police showed up to arrest her. With Tiffany being taken away, Chucky and Caroline teamed up to continue Chucky’s plan of killing Andy, Jake, and the others. The scene where Nica, in a wheelchair, chased Caroline and Chucky was… it was indeed something!

‘Jennifer’s Body’ jumped between two narratives. We got to see Tiffany’s trial (the trio and Nica took part in it) as well as Chucky going through an existential crisis. While the Tiffany stuff was fun to watch, Jennifer Tilly continues to be amazing, the main thing to note was that she couldn’t get the jury to go for the ‘Not guilty by reason of insanity’ plea. Fortunately, for the trio and Nica, Tiffany was going to be put to death via lethal injection. Of course, she’s going to find a way to survive. It’s Child’s Play/Chucky after all.

Coming to Chucky experiencing an existential crisis, it’s revealed that he’s aging for some strange reason. Such a development even took me by surprise. I really liked how the creative team handled said storyline to expand the fictional world created by Don Mancini. 

Episode 3 showed that there’s a freaking clinic where supernatural beings like Chucky and others can go to see what’s wrong with them. The entire scene of Chucky being checked by a doctor felt so weird but in a fun way. Who is that doctor? Why did he get into such a line of work? I would like to know more. Give me some mini-episodes featuring the doctor handling a variety of supernatural cases! 

It’s the doctor who told Chucky that the reason he’s aging was because he had lost Damballa’s favor. Apparently, deities like Damballa didn’t like it when their followers practiced some other type of religion. While Chucky didn’t believe in Christianity (he’s been a Damballa follower for 40 years), he was involved in an exorcism in season two and that was enough for Damballa to ignore him.

Leave it to Mancini to continue adding layers to his already rich fictional world even after decades of storytelling. And the fact it’s all happening in the same timeline is another impressive feat. It’s all connected.

According to the doctor, Chucky needed to make six sacrifices to Damballa in a very evil place. Chucky, being someone who didn’t want to die, went with Caroline to the Amityville House to kill a bunch of people. But that didn’t work. Chucky needed to think bigger and that’s where the White House came in.

Chucky’s explanation about selecting the White House to kill the required six people had to do with how millions of people around the globe had died due to the decisions made inside the White House. And you know what? I don’t think anyone can disagree with Chucky’s point.

I really wasn’t expecting such an answer when it came to Chucky wreaking havoc inside the White House. But it was sure a good one and it helped tie everything together.

With Teddy the bodyguard, the female secretary, and Miss Fairchild being already killed, Chucky only needed three more people to sacrifice to Damballa to get his immortality back. I wonder if those three will end up being Henry’s family or someone else. 

I can’t end my review of ‘Jennifer’s Body’ without mentioning the shocking scene involving Andy. I was really worried when Chucky managed to attack and tie up Andy. My emotions intensified when the scene proceeded to Chucky continuously stabbing Andy while manically laughing.

The entire thing was revealed to be Chucky’s dream. But that was still a mean thing to do, creative team. That was just mean! Give Andy a break, for crying out loud!

I think Andy and Kyle will appear again because they likely saw Chucky showing up in the same video footage that the trio watched. They have to put a stop to him. But I would like the siblings to have a bit of peace before they do so. 

The third season will go on a break once Episode 4 airs next week… and you know the cliffhanger is going to be awesome. I can’t wait!

What did you think of ‘Let the Right One In’ and ‘Jennifer’s Body’?

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