“The Woman and the Woods and Other North American Stories” Launches Kickstarter!

The Woman and the Woods and Other North American Stories kickstarter
The Woman and the Woods and Other North American Stories (Image: PR)

Spike Trotman’s Iron Circus Comics has launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Woman and the Woods and Other North American Stories. The upcoming anthology is inspired by original North American folktales.

The Woman and the Woods and Other North American Stories will contain more than 100 pages of entertaining as well as educational content by Indigenous creatives from across the continent.

The stories include:

  • “As It Was Told to Me” is a creation tale that shows that the world needs good and bad to exist. It has been written and illustrated by Elijah Forbes, a transgender Odawa illustrator who has facilitated the creation of illustration projects such as the 2020 “Trans Awareness Week”.
  • “Chokfi” is the story of the trickster rabbit, who is jealous of Otter’s fur coat and tries to steal it. This story is from writer Jordaan Arledge, a trans Chickasaw comic writer and the founder of Arledge Comics, and artist Mekala Nava.
  • “White Horse Plains” serves as a cautionary tale about greed that comes from the Métis settlement St. Francois Xavier, as told by Rhael McGregor, a Non-Binary/Two-Spirit Métis comic artist and animator from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • “Rougarou” is about a werewolf-like creature that haunts the Métis communities. It is by Mystery Solving Lesbians writer Maija Ambrose Plamondon and Métis-based artist Milo Applejohn.
  • “Agonjin In the Water” is about a girl whose tribe is suffering from a drought and finds a Mishipeshu while searching for water. This story is by the non-binary, Ojibawe artist Alice RL.
  • “Woman in the Woods” is a tale about a curious girl who happens to see a mysterious figure in the woods at night. This story is by the Cuban Taíno artist and storyteller Mercedes Acosta.
  • “Into Darkness” tells you about a creature that is deemed so dangerous and scary that no one dares utter its name. It is by Izzy Roberts, a Michigan-based illustrator and a member of the Navajo Nation and Kinyaa’áanii clan.

The new anthology comic is edited and organized by Alina Pete, Kate Ashwin, and Kel McDonald, and the contributor list is curated by Alina Pete, who is Nehiyaw (Cree). Alina Pete is also behind the cover art.

Take note; The Woman and the Woods and Other North American Stories is the fifth volume of the acclaimed Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales series. It’s the first volume of the series to be published by Iron Circus Comics; the series has previously been crowdfunded by Kel McDonald and Kate Ashwin.

Cautionary Fables and Fairytales
Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales series (Image: PR)

The acclaimed Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales series has been chronicling folktales from around the world for nearly a decade, hopping from Europe to Africa, to Asia, and the Oceania region,” shared guest editor and cover artist Alina Pete. “Kids and adults alike have enjoyed these beautifully retold stories. Some have been spooky, and others have been silly, but they are all memorable.”

You can go ahead and support this anthology over on Kickstarter. The awesome fact is that the campaign has already exceeded the initial $20,000 goal. As of writing this, more than $63,000 has been pledged. Wow!

Talking about some of the perks, for $20, you can get a PDF as well as a paperback copy of The Woman and the Woods and Other North American Stories. It is also known as Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: North America. For $70, you can get to own all five Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales books (in PDF and paperback versions). The estimated delivery is said to be April 2022.

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