Is Mattel Really Going to Move Forward with a “Barbie” Queer Wedding Playset?

Mattel Barbie queer wedding playset
DIY Barbie Queer Wedding Playset by Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio

It is January 2019 and I’m very interested to know whether or not Mattel will move forward with creating a Barbie queer wedding playset after what Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio did.

In news you might have missed, back in December 2018 an Arizona couple wanting to gift their 8-year-old niece (Natalie) a Barbie playset which matched their same-sex wedding led to an effort which might change things in the toy market.

The couple was disappointed when they weren’t able to find a Barbie queer wedding playset and used their DIY skills to create a meaning full present.

We really wanted to give her something that she could enjoy, but also something that would be meaningful to her and somehow connected to the wedding that she will be a part of,” Jacobi told CNN. “When we saw the toys in all the aisles, Nick and I looked at each other and had a moment. We just didn’t feel connected to any of them.”

They shared an image online which got the attention of Mattel. The manufacturer reached out to the couple and a meeting was set for early January.

We have a confirmed date set in early January, and we are extremely excited, grateful and incredibly determined to make this happen,” Jacobi said. “We are over the moon with all the positive responses we have received. We really just want to thank all the people out there for believing in our message that love is love.”

Mattel has been making certain changes to the Barbie line and transforming it into becoming more inclusive. However, it has yet to cater to the queer community.

Also, shoutout to YouTuber Beauty Inside A Box. You should consider subscribing to his channel to keep yourselves updated regarding the doll community.

It will be interesting to see how Mattel decides to go about this. Will we get to see a queer wedding playset which also shows how some of Barbie’s friends are queer?

Mattel Barbie queer wedding playset

Will Ken finally come out of the closet? Or will Mattel play it safe and make a DIY Barbie queer wedding set which allows kids to mix-and-match dolls to have the kind of wedding they want?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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