The Bitching Dead Issue #45: “Isle of the Dead” TWD Spin-Off Announced!

The Bitching Dead issue 45 review
The Bitching Dead Issue 45 – Lance trying to convince Maggie to accept his offer (Screengrab: The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 12)

The Bitching Dead Issue 45 had Bekah, Tara and I cover episodes 11 and 12 of The Walking Dead season 11. Also, we’re getting a new spin-off called Isle of the Dead. Sigh!

Of course, we opened by talking about the ratings. The Walking Dead season 11 returned for Part 2 on February 20, 2022, with episode 9 “No Other Way”. That episode got 1.76 million live viewers. Episode 10 “New Haunts” followed the next week with 1.60 live viewers tuning in. Now, episode 11 “Rogue Element”, on the other hand, was able to attract 1.67 live viewers. I’m looking forward to seeing what episode 12 “The Lucky Ones” is going to get. (via Wikipedia)

From what I can tell, the current season will go on a break again after episode 14 “The Rotten” airs on March 27, 2022. But that doesn’t mean our lives will be free of TWD content for a while because Fear the Walking Dead season 7 will return with episode 9 “Follow Me” on April 17, 2022.

Talking about spin-offs, it’s been announced that a new spin-off starring Maggie and Negan is in the works. Titled Isle of the Dead, the upcoming spin-off will have Maggie and Negan traveling into a post-apocalyptic Manhattan which got cut from the mainland a long time ago. According to Deadline, this particular spin-off will be six episodes long (thank the Heavens!) and will debut sometime in 2023.

Frankly, the only way we will feel any type of actual investment in Isle of the Dead is if the premise deals with Maggie tracking down Negan to kill him. The last thing we need is showrunner Eli Jorné trying to make Maggie and Negan into a romantic pairing. Barf!

Also, the announcement for Isle of the Dead has spoiled that Maggie and Negan will survive season 11. The same goes for Carol and Daryl who are, apparently, also getting a spin-off.

We talked about the Isle of the Dead, episodes 11 and 12 of The Walking Dead season 11, and a lot more in our The Bitching Dead Issue 45 webcast!

Here are the highlights from The Bitching Dead issue 45 in no particular order!

  • We all felt bad for Eugene being played by not-Stephanie.
  • The reveal involving Max’s connection to Eugene took us by surprise.
  • While episode 11, ‘Rogue Element’, wasn’t bad, it was boring.
  • Not Eugene burning the only physical copy of his novel!
  • Seeing Rosita support Eugene was nice. The two have come a long way.
  • We’re into what Connie’s trying to do, but she needs to be smarter about it.
  • Is Ezekiel going to survive his surgery? Hmmm.
  • Wait… Oceanside is still a thing? Why didn’t they send over fish, seaweed, snails, or anything marine-related to help a starving Alexandria?
  • Is Lance supposed to be Two-Face? He even had a coin!
  • Why is Aaron so interested in being buddy-buddy with Lance?
  • I guess we kind of knew Maggie wasn’t going to accept Pamela’s offer. She can tell there’s something up with how the Commonwealth was running things.
  • Our current theory is that Eugene and Max will work together to bring down the Commonwealth. Max’s brother, Mercer, will likely play a role, too.

Our recommendations at the end of the webcast included the UK version of Utopia and, for those who want to enjoy zombie-stuff that isn’t TWD, the queer-inclusive series In the Flesh.

Did you watch The Walking Dead season 11 episodes 11 and 12? What did you think?

Let us know.

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