The Bitching Dead Issue #53: At least ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 8 Part 1 Is Done!

The Bitching Dead issue 53 Fear the Walking Dead season 8 Part 1
Morgan in Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Part 1 (Image: Screengrab)

The Bitching Dead issue 53 had Bekah, Tara and I discuss the first six episodes of Fear the Walking Dead season 8. We are so close to the finale!

After everything that happened during Fear the Walking Dead season 7, we didn’t have high hopes for Fear the Walking Dead season 8. And having watched the first six episodes, it’s amazing to see how the creative team continues to lower the bar. In a way, these six episodes could have been shortened to just three episodes. Even better, TPTB should have decided to create two TV movies covering the events of FTWD season 8 Part 1 and the upcoming Part 2. Sigh!

Before I cover more of our opinions from the latest The Bitching Dead webcast, let’s go over the viewership numbers. The premiere episode of FTWD season 8 was able to attract only 0.56 million live viewers. Episodes 2 and 3 got 0.47 million people tuning in (each) while, for some reason, episode 5 experienced an increase to 0.55 million viewers. It will be interesting to see what episode 6 gets. However, no matter how you put it, these are very low numbers compared to FTWD‘s previous performance. This show should have ended two seasons ago.

With the six-episode long Part 1 done, fans can look forward to watching the Maggie and Negan spin-off titled The Walking Dead: Dead City. The upcoming six-episode miniseries (for now) will air on TV come June 18, 2023. Take note, it is currently available to AMC+ subscribers. I don’t have high hopes for this particular spin-off and I will be very surprised if it’s able to garner an impressive audience.

Other than TWD: Dead City, we also have two more spin-offs coming our way. There’s one focusing on Rick and Michonne while the other features Daryl’s adventures somewhere in Europe.

When will this franchise actually end?!!!


Anyway, here’s our The Bitching Dead Issue 53 webcast!

Here are some of the highlights in no particular order:

  • We got a new name for zombies on this show. FTWD season 8 Part 1 had people calling them Carrion.
  • PADRE using the name of birds as codenames was kind of fun. We ended up thinking about our own bird-inspired codenames during the webcast. Also, would someone have the codename Chicken? Hmmm.
  • The way Sam and Ben decided to run PADRE made no sense considering their main goal was to protect kids. They seemed to put the said kids in danger every chance they got.
  • Sam allowing her zombie father to bite her reeked of plot convenience and not in a good way.
  • Sherry and Dwight deciding to break up after the death of their son Finch made no sense. I guess it had to be done so one of them could be killed in Part 2 and they would declare their undying love for the other while taking their last breath.
  • The only person that we (kind of) cared about during Part 1 was Daniel. Following the rest of the cast was so boring.
  • No one cares about Mo/Wren!
  • No one cares about Morgan!
  • Morgan’s blackouts were overdone. We wanted to see things from other people’s perspectives when Morgan saw “red” and killed everything in his path.
  • How the heck did Morgan’s zombie son look “healthy” while trapped in an attic for years?
  • Don’t get us wrong. We like actor Lennie James who plays Morgan. But adding Morgan to the main cast really ruined the vibe of FTWD. And, apparently, Morgan will be making his way to the Rick and Michonne spin-off to ruin that, too.
  • It looks like FTWD Part 2 will focus on ending Madison’s story.
  • We are looking forward to learning what happened to other characters including Victor, Charlie, and Luciana.

What did you think of Fear The Walking Dead season 8 part 1? Are you looking forward to part 2?

Let us know.

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