The Bitching Dead Issue #27: Give Us a Rufus, Dog, and Skidmark Spin-Off!

the end is the beginning fear the walking dead season 6 episode 1 reveiw
Morgan being ignored by a walker in ‘The End Is the Beginning’ (Image: Screengrab)

Bekah, Tara, and I got together to cover the Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 premiere ‘The End Is the Beginning’ and The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1 Episode 2 ‘Blaze of Gory’ during The Bitching Dead issue 27!

One of the things we were interested in talking about was the ratings for The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 16 as well as the premiere of TWD: World Beyond (we covered both episodes during The Bitching Dead issue 26). According to reports, episode 16 of TWD Season 10 set a new season-low with 2.73 million live viewers. In comparison, episode 15 (which aired back on April 5, 2020) was able to attract 3.49 million live viewers.

Turns out that a number of people who watched episode 16 decided not to stick around for the premiere of TWD: World Beyond. The first episode got 1.60 million live viewers. I’m looking forward to seeing what the numbers for the second episode will be because ratings do tend to fall for shows every week (until the finale).

In other news, we talked about TWD: World Beyond‘s Nico Tortorella standing up for bottoming in an interview with UK’s Attitude magazine and the response to his statements.

Nico Steve Orlando tweet bottoming
Image (censored due to our website’s policy) via Twitter – @thesteveorlando

Here’s our The Bitching Dead issue 27 webcast!

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1 ‘The End Is the Beginning’ highlights:

  • We liked what the episode did with Morgan. Making him invisible to the walkers because of gangrene was quite interesting.
  • We liked Emile.
  • In my opinion, Rufus (Emile’s bloodhound) is useless in a fight.
  • Where are these people finding the strength to use a battleaxe like that?
  • We all wanted to visit Morgan’s cozy water tower room.
  • Where is John Dorie?
  • None of us like Virginia as a character.
  • I lost it when Morgan went all Taylor Swift on Virginia. It was basically him saying, “I’m sorry, the old Morgan can’t come to the phone right now.”…  “Why?”… “Oh, ’cause she’s dead!”
  • Is the mysterious key supposed to unlock something in the submarine? Do we care?
  • Going crazy over the fact that there’s, apparently, a Skidmark the cat-centric episode in the works. Yes, give us a spin-off with just the pets! We’ll take a Rufus, Dog, and Skidmark spin-off over whatever mess we’re currently watching.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1 Episode 2 ‘Blaze of Gory’ highlights:

  • Trying to train kids to survive without allowing them to actually kill zombies is kind of useless.
  • I was pleasantly surprised at ‘Blaze of Gory’ leaning hard into the queer narrative by showing a young Felix during flashbacks.
  • Also, when did the zombie apocalypse occur? Because young Felix’s phone really threw us off.
  • We liked the scene where Hope dropped a bowling ball on a zombie’s face.
  • We still don’t like Huck. Why did the writers even name her Huck?
  • Elton and his explanation about being an Endling.
  • How the heck are these four inexperienced teens able to move through a horde of zombies?
  • The fact none of them had any trouble breathing while walking in a smoke covered area was just wow.
  • Shouldn’t the zombies be stumbling into the burning rubber tires instead of just circling them?
  • Bekah didn’t like Iris throwing up on a zombie.
  • Iris is annoying and incompetent.
  • The zombie with a hive on his face made no sense.
  • Stop trying to make zombie-migration-patterns happen. It’s not going to happen. 
  • What’s up with Silas?
  • Of course, Hope and Elton continued to bond because this series has to build toward a lot of drama when Elton finally finds out she killed his mother. Sigh.

What did you think of ‘The End Is the Beginning’ and ‘Blaze of Gory’?

Let us know.

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