Chucky 2×7 Review: “Goin’ to the Chapel”

goin to the chapel chucky season 2 episode 7 review
The Good Guy Doll being exorcised in ‘Goin’ to the Chapel’ (Screengrab: Chucky Season 2 Episode 7)

Chucky season 2 episode 7, titled ‘Goin’ to the Chapel’, has got to be the most chaotic episode yet as our protagonists tried to perform an exorcism on the serial killer doll.

In a sense, ‘Goin’ to the Chapel’ could have worked as a series finale because of the cliffhanger it ended on. However, with it being the penultimate episode, I’m very excited to see what Don Mancini and his team have envisioned as the finale because what craziness is yet to happen?

With everyone having learned about Chucky being a possessed doll (Father Bryce and Sister Catherine were quite chill about it), the heroes worked with Mixter to exorcise the soul in the Good Guy Doll so the empty doll could work as a vessel for Prime Chucky.

It was understandable that Jake didn’t like the idea. With how “Good” Chucky betrayed his trust, Jake wanted to kill the doll. But, as Kyle put it, they needed the doll to save Nica from Prime Chucky’s control. The poor woman had been through a lot, and allowing Jake to simply get rid of the last Good Guy Doll wasn’t an option.

Seeing a bunch of characters reunite was nice to see. Andy and Kyle finally found each other. Their reunion was heartfelt yet comedic as they commented on each other’s current hairdos. That’s just how siblings are with each other, in my opinion.

We also got a moment between Glenda and a tied-up Chucky. Glenda’s been dealing with a lot of feelings related to their parents. And it was nice to see Glenda share some of those feelings with Chucky. The murderous doll didn’t really care, but still, I think it helped take some of the burden off of Glenda’s chest. As Glenda put it, with parents like Chucky and Tiffany, they and Glen were basically orphans. There’s definitely darkness inside Glenda. But I think they have been doing a good enough job of maintaining a balance. There’s a difference between killing people just for fun and killing people to save others. 

With Father Bryce getting ready to perform the exorcism, after being excommunicated by the Vatican (what the heck was he expecting?), he told everyone to see him for confessions. Apparently, the souls of the people participating in the exorcism needed to be cleansed. The episode actually opened with Jake’s confession which had him share his guilt with Father Bryce. It’s understandable that Jake blamed himself for everything. So, here’s hoping Jake finds the help he requires to work on those feelings.

Andy’s confession was the most interesting for me. He got to experience Chucky’s terror at a very young age and then spent the rest of his years trying to put an end to Chucky. With the possibility of Chucky finally being defeated for good, I liked how the writers made Andy confess that he was confused and a bit afraid about what he was going to do next. Who was Andy without Chucky?

The scene between Kyle and Andy, near the end of the episode, and how it linked back to a flashback from the Child’s Play 2 movie was incredibly well done. As a now adult Kyle put it, Andy had his entire life to figure out what he could do next with Chucky gone.

Nica, on the other hand, was a different story. Even with Chucky being forced out of her body, she still wanted to take revenge on Tiffany (which I’ll get to in a bit). Also, Nica’s a wanted criminal. She can’t simply move around trying to find something new to do.

Coming to the exorcism scene, of course, Chucky made it tough for everyone involved. He tried to rile Devon and Jake up by talking about their dead loved ones. But the young teens were strong enough to ignore Chucky.

A major twist involved the soul from the Good Guy Doll taking control of Father Bryce. And with Father Bryce trying to fight said control, the scene climaxed with Father Bryce’s body exploding.

While I enjoyed the scene, I have to say that it felt weird. When did Chucky have the power to explode human bodies by taking control of them? Did I forget something? Maybe it’s because Chucky’s soul was already condemned to Hell? Hmmm.

Anyway, Father Bryce is no more. At least he did what he was supposed to. We also got to see him confess to Sister Catherine. And I don’t know if I’m wrong, but I think that particular moment was supposed to tell the audience that Father Bryce was queer and he had been living with a heavy struggle as he tried to balance his queerness with his passion to always become a priest.

In retrospect, Father Bryce being queer can kind of explain why he wasn’t way too harsh on Devon and Jake. He never forced those two to live in separate rooms.

Now, some of you might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned Lexy yet. Well, it’s because with everyone else busy with the exorcism, Lexy was away dealing with her own thing. She took Nadine’s death hard and her guilt, anger, and sadness led her to take some of the pills that “Good” Chucky gave her. It’s clear that Lexy contemplated taking her own life. However, Nadine’s ghost appeared, in angelic-ish attire, to stop her.

I get why such a conversation was important, but personally, I’m not a fan of characters having entire conversations with hallucinations. They feel very fake to me and an easy way out for the writing team when trying to develop characters. One can argue that the version of Nadine that Lexy saw was real, considering souls have the tendency to linger in the Child’s Play/Chucky franchise. But still, I was very ‘meh!’ about the entire thing. Nadine did tell Lexy to reach out to Jake and Devon for support. Yes, the two were going through certain relationship troubles, but they were still Lexy’s friends.

I really liked the scene where Lexy questioned the trio’s friendship. Did the three of them even have anything in common? Would they have ever become actual friends if it wasn’t for Chucky bringing them together?

All things considered, Devon’s been very coolheaded with Jake. And I do feel that Jake doesn’t give Devon the same amount of love that Devon gives to him. Here’s hoping the writers explore the trio’s friendship dynamics as the series continues. I really want Chucky to come back for a third season!

Lexy didn’t get to be with the other characters until Sister Ruth took her hostage (at gunpoint) and gave Mixter the opportunity to run away with Prime Chucky (now in the Good Guy Doll after a successful soul transfer involving Nica). I have to say, I was a bit worried about Lexy’s fate as Sister Ruth pointed the gun at the back of her head. I would have rioted if Lexy had died. Kudos to Glenda for throwing a dagger right into Sister Ruth’s eyes. As I said, Glenda needs to realize that there’s a difference between killing for sport like their parents and killing to save another person.

Having Andy be the one to shoot Prime Chucky as Mixter ran away gave Andy’s character some closure. He made sure not to miss. I’m looking forward to seeing if Andy and Kyle will return during the finale or not. I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t. Those two deserved to rest for while.

I did question Mixter running away instead of falling on her knees and screaming about Andy killing Prime Chucky. And I was right! The cliffhanger of Mixter driving away and that moment being linked to her confession to Father Bryce about having learned the secret to eternal life was awesome. Prime Chucky’s still alive. I mean, of course, he is!

As for Nica getting her revenge, it really didn’t play out the way she had hoped. For some weird reason, Glen decided to use themself as a human shield to protect their mother. And with Glenda already facing difficulty when trying to balance their good and dark sides, I think they might go scorched Earth if Glen dies. The twins still have the Glen/Glenda doll with them. So, let’s see how that comes into play during the finale.

The final episode of Chucky season 2 is really going to be something!

What did you think of ‘Goin’ to the Chapel’?

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