Chucky 2×6 Review: “He Is Risen Indeed”

He Is Risen Indeed Chucky season 2 episode 6 review
Dr. Mixter brings the Colonel to the Incarnate Lord in ‘He Is Risen Indeed’ (Screengrab: Chucky Season 2 Episode 6)

Chucky season 2 episode 6, titled ‘He Is Risen Indeed’, has got to be the most devastating chapter yet. A whole lot happened as the story prepared itself for the final two episodes.

‘He Is Risen Indeed’ opened up with a flashback to share how Andy survived the crash and ended up getting captured by the Colonel. In my opinion, having a bunch of Chucky dolls with distinct personalities worked for the narrative. It kept things fresh and, in a sense, unpredictable. The Colonel’s been torturing Andy for an entire year. Not only that, but he’s also been slicing off and eating pieces of meat from Andy’s body. The way the episode lingered on the gore of it all… I loved it!

The Colonel’s clearly not happy about Nica/Chucky being considered the Prime Chucky. The Colonel’s got ego and self-indulgence problems that lead him to cement himself as the strongest by killing a bunch of other dolls and making a couple of the remaining ones work for him. When the episode began, we got to learn that only two other dolls were still around. There’s the Buff Chucky and the Scout Chucky (whom the teens brainwashed into becoming a “Good” Chucky doll).

According to the Colonel, there’s nothing Prime about the original Chucky. As far as the Colonel’s concerned, he had the brain and the brawn. It was going to be him who would see to the teens finally being killed. With Buff Chucky and Good Chucky being MIA, the Colonel took it upon himself to arrive at the Incarnate Lord and complete said mission.

We also got some information about why Dr. Mixter was adamant about helping the Colonel. It’s revealed that she was Charles’ therapist when he was only seven years old. For some reason, Mixter was all about encouraging the darkness inside Charles. There were some Harley Quinn-vibes, without the romantic tension, coming from Mixter’s dynamic with Chucky. I hope that the writers offer more explanation about why Mixter experienced such a shift. Did something happen in her past? Why was she so interested in killing the teens? She even offered to do the deed herself.  

I liked the scene where Devon and Lexy rescued Andy. It took him a while to realize what was happening. And even though he had suffered a lot (chunks of his body had been eaten!), I liked how he was determined to go after the Colonel.

As for Andy vs the Colonel, I was a bit disappointed because it wasn’t much of a fight. When the Colonel came for the teens, he had already been attacked by Andy. The reveal of his death was surprising, but a bit anticlimactic, in my opinion. I wanted Andy to make the Colonel suffer after what he put him through.

While I felt sad for Andy, I’m looking forward to seeing him experience some happiness when he realizes that his sister Kyle was still alive. With Nica/Chucky, Kyle, and Glenda making their way to the Incarnate Lord (with Tiffany and Glen following them), the final two episodes are going to be awesome. I can feel it.

Talking about Kyle, Nica/Chucky, and Glenda, we got a scene where Nica/Chucky tried to make Glenda shoot Kyle. It didn’t work, but I’m going to side-eye Glenda from here on out. They did kill the bodyguard. So, who knows how long Glenda will be able to resist their father’s encouragement and turn on the good guys.

We also got the reveal that the person who had been helping Nica/Chucky was Mixter. She’s all about aiding Prime Chucky to find a new vessel. Again, why is she so into it?

As of now, only the Good Chucky doll was available to be used, with the Colonel and Buff Chucky having met their demise.

Another major development that happened was Father Bryce and Sister Catherine getting to know about Chucky and Mixter working for him. Sister Catherine got shot in the shoulder by Mixter. But at least she’s still alive. I like Sister Catherine.

Coming to Father Bryce, the fact he ignored Sister Catherine’s advice to call the police and instead insisted on calling the Vatican made sense. He’s sure to dive into his religious knowledge to help deal with a supernaturally possessed doll in the upcoming episodes.

A threat the protagonists don’t know about was Sister Ruth. After Buff Chucky got poisoned and killed by the Colonel, I can see her doing something to get avenge his death. Mixter saw Sister Ruth crying over Buff Chucky’s dead body. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mixter used Sister Ruth’s vulnerability to her advantage.

And now I will talk about the scene that shocked everyone. For those following my reviews, you already know that I was with Devon and Lexy about not trusting “Good” Chucky. Turns out, I was right. Jake and Nadine ignored the red flags and continued to care for Good Chucky. Their kindness cost the teens dearly.

I had been worried about Nadine ever since she appeared onscreen. Her wanting to befriend Good Chucky only intensified my feelings. The moment she ran after Good Chucky on her own, I knew something bad was going to happen. And it did.

Seeing Good Chucky push Nadine out of the window to her death was just… it hurt. Nadine didn’t deserve to die. But when it comes to the Child’s Play/Chucky franchise, safety isn’t guaranteed, especially for newer characters.

Nica was right when she told Kyle how Chucky had taken everything and everyone away from them. Even if you’re lucky enough to survive Chucky, you won’t be lucky enough to come out unscathed. You might be alive, but what about your loved ones? In a sense, surviving Chucky isn’t a victory.

Nadine’s death is likely going to impact Jake and Lexy. Jake wanted to see the good in Chucky and encouraged Nadine’s help. Jake’s decision cost Nadine her life. He’s already trying to deal with the guilt he felt over his foster brother’s death. And now he has to carry Nadine’s burden, too. Andy did warn Jake about there’s no such as a “good” Chucky doll.

Lexy’s likely going to spiral after losing such a close friend. The Good Chucky doll even gave Lexy a bottle of pills. I hope she finds the support she needs to battle said addiction.

As mentioned in the beginning, ‘He Is Risen Indeed’ was the most devastating episode yet. And I can’t wait to see what more the creative team has in store for viewers as the second season draws to a close.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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