Wednesday Webcomics: “What’s Under My Bed?”

What's Under My Bed? by VexinglyYours
What’s Under My Bed? by VexinglyYours

What’s Under My Bed? by VexinglyYours cleverly executes its familiar premise through effective worldbuilding and dynamic characters. It’s a highly recommended and engaging story.

Ivy lives in a world where humans and monsters coexist. However, she wouldn’t really interact with one until she starts renting an apartment with them (without knowing what they are at first, though).

What's Under My Bed? by VexinglyYours
What’s Under My Bed?

Meet Mirek and Kasal. Music lover Mirek works part time in retail while Kasal is aiming for a career involving animals. The two men get along with Ivy, but things start to complicate when the landlord tells Ivy about the other tenants complaining about a barking dog. Neither Ivy nor her roommates have a dog. Things then take a weirder turn from there…

One notable thing about this webcomic is that the story takes its time to reveal essential details about Ivy’s world. The character-centric narrative seamlessly weaves small but all-too-effective details during dialogue. From the necessary evil of a monster passing as a human to monsters not eligible for medical insurance, the story unravels the lore of this fascinating world without overwhelming (or underwhelming) the creator’s audience.

What's Under My Bed? by VexinglyYours
What’s Under My Bed?

The webcomic also takes mundane everyday situations and elevates them into memorable moments. Ivy wanting to know more about her roommates even after discovering that they’re not humans comes off as genuine and endearing. The need to belong and to be yourself emotionally resonates throughout the panels. The creator does a wonderful job implementing significant details to ground their readers into the story.

What’s Under My Bed? is available to read online.

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