Wednesday Webcomics: “Sugar Moon”

Sugar Moon

Sugar Moon tells the story of teenager who is troubled by the death of her friend. Her final high school semester becomes complicated when her friend returns as a ghost.

Sugar Moon, by Zemoore, known as Zee for short, is a romance and girl’s love story. It centers around Cadence De Perez, a clairvoyant 17-year-old senior at Lacey Claire School, and Luu Whittaker, who haunts her school as a ghost.

As a warning, this review discusses some spoilers for Sugar Moon!

Cadence goes back to school one week after Luu’s death and is surprised to see Luu there as a ghost. Over time, both get more acquainted with one another, with Cadence figuring out how deal with a ghost of her deceased friend, while Luu tries to reconnect with her.

Sugar Moon

Sugar Moon has compelling characters and storyline. Cadence is a pansexual Cuban woman who wears a headset so people won’t talk to her at school while Luu is a “flirty ghost.” The illustration style of the comics is smooth, dynamic, and it pulls you into the story that Zee has created. I like the interactions between Cadence and Luu. Its especially funny that no one but Cadence sees the ghost. Its almost like how when Scoops speaks in Ollie & Scoops, all everyone else hears is a meowing cat but not actual words.

Sugar Moon, which is in its second chapter, is written and illustrated by Zee. She is also known for her five-part short-story, paisley + leidy, and the ongoing drama and fantasy, Valley Below. Both are also available on Tapas. Unlike some other series, Sugar Moon is ongoing. The other characters introduced in the story, like the goth girl Timan, the girl Petunia, her friend Wesley, help move the story along. Timan seems to have a crush on Luu and vice versa, so it should be interesting to see that part of the story expanded.

Sugar Moon is one of the many recent girls’ love stories. It reminds me of some other series with ghosts like Merlin’s Story, Roommate, Obituaryand Ghoul Crush, to name a few. I suppose ghost stories are some of my favorite stories out there to read and enjoy, even as a person who doesn’t really believe in ghosts, so I was really drawn to this story unlike any other.

Sugar Moon

Sugar Moon is available to read on the Webtoon Canvas and Tapas.

You can find Zee on Instagram and Tik Tok.

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Author: Burkely Hermann

Burkely is an indexer of declassified documents by day and a fan fic writer by night. He recently earned a MLIS with a concentration in Digital Curation from the University of Maryland. He currently voraciously watches animated series and reads too many webcomics to count on Webtoon. He loves swimming, hiking, and searching his family roots in his spare time.

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