The Titan’s Bride 1×5 Review – “Beastman’s Land”

Beastmen The Titan's Bride anime episode 5 review Beastman's Land
Caius taking care of Koichi in “Beastman’s Land” (Image: Screengrab)

“Beastman’s Land” showed Caius trying his best to cure Koichi’s ailment. We also got to visit the land of the Beastmen. Of course, I’m looking forward to the mess that will occur in the upcoming episodes.

In the previous episode, we saw Koichi fall unconscious because of a mysterious illness. “Beastman’s Land” revealed that Koichi’s been poisoned. It wasn’t intentional, though. The drink that the Titan’s casually consumed was made from a poisonous fruit called Karina. While Karina’s safe for Titans to enjoy (especially as a drink), Koichi’s body couldn’t tolerate it.

I liked how this episode opened with a flashback to Koichi’s life on Earth. We got to know that after his father died, his mother’s been working very hard to provide her son with a good life. Due to appreciating his mother’s dedication, Koichi didn’t like worrying her. The scene where he fell unconscious on the floor after assuring his mother (over the phone) he wasn’t sick and she should focus on her meeting was quite sad.

After Koichi woke up in the present, Caius shared that to cure Koichi, the young man will need to eat a fruit called Raisa. However, there’s one problem; Raisa only grew in the land of the Beastmen. Caius would have ordered a shipment, but his kingdom and the land of the Beastmen weren’t on friendly terms. That’s why Caius decided to go alone (while disguised).

I understood why Koichi begged Caius to take him along. He’s afraid of being alone, especially when he isn’t feeling well. Also, Koichi’s in a strange world. His only sense of connection was to Caius. So, of course, he didn’t want to stay in the hospital alone while Caius traveled to a completely different region.

Now, Caius shared that the Beastmen were driven by desire. They weren’t above killing. However, when Caius and Koichi reached said territory, I thought it looked normal. Yes, the residents were a cross between humans and different animals, but they seemed to have created a functioning society. There was architecture, a marketplace, and happy kids. 

I’m not sure, but maybe the Titans saw the Beastmen as inferior and that’s why Caius said all that? There are bad people in every society. But that doesn’t mean you should use those bad examples to describe the entire community. Maybe the writers will explore why the different regions of this fictional world held prejudices against each other?

Anyway, the little kids running in the marketplace were chanting about twin gods called Raisa and Karina. So, I’m looking forward to seeing the anime explore the history of the twin gods and why fruits were named after them.

As this is still a BL anime about a young human boy bottoming for a titan (in case you forgot), I couldn’t help but laugh at the symptoms Koichi exhibited. The Karina fruit absorbed the magical properties of the moon. Such a phenomenon, due to Koichi being poisoned by Karina, made him aroused and the only way to help Koichi was to sleep with him.

I know! The Titan’s Bride is a mess, and I’m here for it.

I couldn’t help but smile at Koichi feeling embarrassed about the entire situation. He was worried that Caius wouldn’t love him anymore. However, the Titan Prince assured his bride-to-be that whether Koichi’s being modest or forthcoming about his desires, Caius loved all of his emotions.

I liked how there was still a risk to Koichi’s life. There’s uncertainty around Koichi being able to survive another night. Caius will need to hurry and find the Raisa fruit. Also, get ready for the introduction of a new character!

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