2022 Webcomic Roundup: Girl’s Love August Edition!

webcomic aug. 2022 opening
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It’s the beginning of August. The ten webcomics featured in this month’s roundup celebrate various relationships, and stories, with girls’ love themes and characters manifesting those themes. Webcomics featured are mainly from WebToon*.

Last month, I highlighted comics with physically and mentally disabled characters. I’m again covering for

This post is an extension, in some ways, of my past reviews, from October 2021 to February of this year, of various webcomics for the “Wednesday Webcomics” segment.

Everyday by Day

issue 2 of webcomic
The webcomic authors as shown in issue 2

This webcomic on Webtoon, by a team of authors known as Magnolia, is about various couples in Harbour City and their slice-of-life romances. The stories of these couples, Naomi and Hana, Nadya and Ann, Jean and Sena, Claire and Ashley, Gisel and Wendy, are the center of this webcomic. In this way, it is similar to other girls’ love comics like Mira! and Babe! series.

Currently, this webcomic has run for over 20 episodes and has no intention of stopping, with one comic published every Sunday.

Don’t Look at the Sky

issue 12 of webcomic
Wangari and Elena meet each other in issue #12 of the webcomic

This webcomic, by Artemiz, is one of my favorite girls’ love comics. It begins by telling the story of a demon named Wangari who saves an archaeology student named Helena from a sexual assault. Both, predictably fall in love, beginning a beautiful love story, complete with magic, mysteries, and more. It also shows that Wangari had a previous lover, who died, while Helena broke up with an awful boyfriend. 

The comic’s author can also be found on Instagram and on Twitter. The comic, and its author, can be supported on Patreon.


Issue #14 of webcomic
Sophia chomps on Erin’s hand in issue #14 of this webcomic

This webcomic, by wallabyblues, is filled with yuri themes from beginning to end. While it has some similarities with Lesbiampires, due to its bloodiness, in many ways it is fundamentally different. Beginning in 2021, and with warnings about mature themes, it focuses on a demon, Erin, an assassin, who is tasked with killing Sophia, a beautiful angel. But, predictably, not everything goes as planned.

Drinking, bloody fights, and gay moments go along with Erin (who is “gay as fuck” in her words”) not wanting to kill people (similar to Aang’s personal beliefs in Avatar: The Last Airbender). For those who like women wielding swords, something that She-Ra reboot, Amphibia, Hilda, and many other series have in common, this comic may be of interest.

The webcomic can be read on Webtoons or Tapas. The comic can be supported on Patreon.

The Siren’s Light

screenshot of issue 5 of webcomic
Avina and Jaena kissing in “PROLOGUE (5)” issue of The Siren’s Light

This webcomic has all the yuri elements you’d want. The Siren’s Light is not unique in this, as Molly Ostertag’s 2021 graphic novel, The Girl from the Sea, centers around a selkie named Keltie who falls in love with a 15-year-old Korean-Canadian girl, Morgan. There’s also Ice Massacre, which has a plot in which mermaids attack female hunters, and has a backstory of love between a human and mermaid.

In many ways, this webcomic, although similar to others like The Pirate and the Princess and She’s a Keeper in terms of yuri themes, is different. It begins with the protagonist, Jaena, getting drunk after breaking up with her girlfriend, drawn into the water by a siren song by Avina, who kisses her and is able to come onto dry land. This changes not only Jaena’s life but that of the siren, from then on.

Sand and Sea Salt

issue #3 of Sand and Sea Salt webcomic
Brynn and Bailey in issue #3 of Sand and Sea Salt

This webcomic is unique in that it is a continuation of a webcomic by the same author, neggut, entitled Sea Salt and Sand which ran from October 2020 to October 2021, which is also available on tapas.

Both webcomics focus on the growing relationship between two girls, Brynn and Bailey, in a coming-of-age story, learning what it means to be in a relationship. Sand and Sea Salt, which began in November 2021, and is ongoing, continues the story as both characters figure out their identities and who they are to one another. There is even an uncensored episode where both characters have sex. neggut also wrote a five-part yuri webcomic entitled When the Pink Trees Bear Fruit in 2020. The comic can be supported on Patreon.

Newly Weds

Issue #3 of webcomic
Lura and Wyndry in the “Extra ep. 1” issue of Newly Weds

This romcom webcomic focuses on two newly married women, who have many relationship strains. Specifically, in the over 20 issues of this webcomic, Lura and Wyndry, have tension between them but are married. Since both of these characters are very different in many ways, they both play off of each other well and make the comic an enjoyable read. They even have a few animals they care for together.

The webcomic is by ashyriart, who is also the author of three other webcomics: Arden Academy, Spoiled Rotten, and Perfectly Sweet, all of which are also on webtoon. It has some similarities, in terms of its slice-of-life nature, to Bring Me Love and Odd Worlds.

Please, cancel the wish!

issue 1 of webcomic
Ada (left) confesses that she loves her friend (right) in the first issue of Please, cancel the wish!

This webcomic, by a yuri artist named satsk, focuses on Ada, who confesses she loves her childhood friend, but it doesn’t go as planned, as her friend dies in a car accident. So, she tries to go back in time and hopes that she can change the future for the better.

While there are other webcomics that involve time travel, like Everywhere and Nowhere, this one involves someone who can carry out wishes, like the mythical tooth fairy. In this case, it’s a girl named Yuna, a time fairy, who surprises Ada. She has a magic clock that allows Aada to travel between realities, and allow for other realities to be erased. That makes the story even more interesting than most. Some commenters even compared it to Steins Gate. The story ends up having an interesting twist when it is revealed why Yuna is really there.

Winter Before Spring

episode 37 of webcomic
Hana gives Yura a water bottle in episode 37 of Winter Before Spring

This webcomic, a romantic drama by moonbun00, is about Hana who falls in love with her best friend, a girl, and admits her true feelings. Her friend accepts these feelings and they begin dating, but she soon learns who her friend really is, and experiences lesbophobic bullying.

Along the way, she meets another girl, Yura, who becomes her friend. At the same time, she defends her from the girls who are bullying her. In the process, Hana makes new friends, like Kim Nari, a childhood friend of Yura who is a bit needy.

Moonbun, the webcomic’s author, posts art of the comic’s characters, especially of Hana and Yura, on her Instagram. Additionally, it is similar to webcomics such as Not So Shoujo Love Story and Diamond Dive.

She Kissed Me

Issue 5 of this webcomic
Ellis kisses Harper on page 4 of She Kissed Me

This slice-of-life romance comic by Ariana Spring is drawn relatively simply, but the story and illustrations shine through. It begins with Ellis breaking up with Scarlett, who doesn’t want to let her go. She kisses another girl, Harper, on a whim to annoy Scarlett, but Harper ends up liking it. The comic goes on from there, noting the importance of consent, embarrassment, and discovering one’s identity.

This is Spring’s only comic on Webtoon. It is different, in many ways, from other webcomics, such as I want to be a cute anime girl, and Cursed Princess Club, in that it does not include trans characters, nor is it set in a medieval fantasy.

Office Talk

Issue 3 of webcomic
Lin and Selma enjoying each other’s comic in issue #3 of Office Talk

In this slice-of-life romance comic on Webtoon by comic book artist and illustrator Alondra Lopez. This comic focuses on Selma who comes up with an excuse to talk to a co-worker she likes, Lin. The comic follows her attempts to convince Lin to go out with her and for them to begin a romantic relationship. It is different from other yuri comics, like Sugar Moon, in that it is set in an office environment rather than a school. Also, there is no magic, but it is a workplace romance instead.

Lopez can be followed on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. This webcomic is just as easy-going as episodes of Azumanga Daioh or Laid-Back Camp, to note two slice-of-life anime series I enjoy watching. I like that this webcomic also has supportive co-workers, expressive illustrations, and cuteness as Selma tries to muster the courage to ask out Lin.

Do you know of any webcomics with yuri themes that you’d like to recommend? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

For more great webcomic recommendations, check out our Wednesday Webcomics archives! You can check out previous roundups here.

*My mentionings of any platforms on this post are unsponsored.

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