My Most Recommended Tapas Premium WebToons for 2021!

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I’ve read several awesome Tapas premium webtoons this year. Here are the ones I recommend if you’re looking for a series to check out.

I’m excited to share several of the Tapas premium webtoons that I’ve read and enjoyed this year. The eight comics featured below range from Isekai, villainesses, the zombie apocalypse, and more. Enjoy!

I’ve been granted free access to each of the Tapas premium webtoons featured below. All opinions are my own.


The Lady Needs a Break
The Lady Needs a Break

The Lady Needs a Break by Yuin, Breed, CMJ, & Somddam

After being reincarnated several times – living the lives of an archmage, a sword master, a blacksmith, a witch, and more – the Lady decides to take a break. Fulfilling the roles she’s been born into each time has exhausted her. It’s time that she lives by doing nothing. Except this time her soul now resides in the Lady of the House of Luxen, Rubia De Grandia La Luxen. The Grand Duke’s daughter. After seeing how the Luxen family and servants treat the original owner of Rubia’s body (who died from a fever), the new Rubia leaves to pursue her lazy life.

It’s fun and even thought provoking to follow the protagonist’s journey into her new life. The supporting characters, the themes surrounding societal roles, and the humor are gold.


Solitary Lady
Solitary Lady

Solitary Lady by Kin, Mingsung, & Yong Doosik

Hillis Inoaden has died seven times, and every time afterward she’s flung into the past to start over. She’s a noblewoman, although her family doesn’t treat her with the respect she deserves. Her father and brother favor her stepsister. In her eighth life, Hillis decides to turn the tables- and she won’t let her father force the elemental ability which is her birthright out of her.

While reading, I find myself rooting for Hillis. I don’t blame her for turning on her father and brother as she tries to escape the time loop she’s been trapped in. She deserves to live her own life and wield the power she was born with.



Dreamcide by Shin Wol

Hazin Nam dreams of his life in seven years, when the world has succumbed to a zombie apocalypse. But the nightmare turns out to be real when he encounters Yuri Hong in real life, the young woman in those dreams. Every time he sleeps, he’s transported back to that future, and he eventually discovers over time that there’s a connection between his ability and what’s going on in his present. But, of course, changing things in the past isn’t as simple.

As a longtime zombie fan, it has gotten to the point where I seek out stories with well developed characters. If I can’t care about the characters, I lose interest. Before reading Dreamcide, I thought I’d seen every zombie – the slow ones and the runners. The half zombies and the hive minds. This webcomic, however, shows otherwise. These zombies are corpses possessed by spectres, manipulating their victims to come out. The survivors play music at night to block out the spectres’ voices. It makes me terrified for the characters. Also, this webcomic includes clever plot twists and compelling character arcs.


Wait Where the Shooting Star Falls
Wait Where the Shooting Star Falls

Wait Where the Shooting Star Falls by General Store

In the world of Table Land, witches are born from shooting stars and are bound to their cats. When a witch dies, so will their cat. However, one cat still lives after her witch’s passing. Effie, coping with her guardian’s passing, has been waiting for her familiar but encounters this cat instead. The two embark on a personal journey, seeking their place in the world.

There are more than several positives about this gorgeous webcomic that I don’t know where to start. Mesmerizing art aside, the complex worldbuilding and compelling character dynamics make this more than worth a read. It’s a fairy tale with a unique take on witches.


Elizabeth of Velpera
Elizabeth of Velpera

Elizabeth of Velpera by UPU, Yong Doosik, & NAMYUHYEON

Ellie’s a far cry from her future self, the great sorcerer Elizabeth Lily. She spends part of her childhood imprisoned by a cult for her ability to summon demons. Her suffering and slavery end when the sorcerer Ashelotte Vayne rescues her. Except, according to the story’s original plot, Ashelotte and Ellie become enemies. Ellie needs to watch out for her current enemies and survive.

The parallel narrative follows Ellie’s recurring dream of an adult male figure reading the story of her future self. Because of her current circumstances in the present, she doesn’t know how she’ll reach that future. I enjoy the endearing interactions between Ellie and Ashelotte, along with the well-paced action sequences and tension.


Celeste Academy
Celeste Academy

Celeste Academy by MyLovelyWriter, protokrawl, apothecatry, & Kisai Entertainment (NEW!)

After seeing a demon and encountering a sword-wielding woman, Valeriana is kidnapped to another world where she has the choice of either staying in prison or enrolling in Celeste Academy. Humans aren’t supposed to see demons, but Valeriana is a human. Now the demons, gathering strength, might invade Earth.

If you’re seeking a fun, exciting magic school story, I recommend this webcomic. It features fascinating worldbuilding, engaging character dynamics, and sharp narrative turning points.


Secret Lady
Secret Lady

Secret Lady by BANANA & Anngato (NEW!)

Even during her previous life on Earth, Yoon Seolwoo bears the burden of seeing ghosts. When she dies and reincarnates as the Lady Rosentine Arzen, she still has the same ability. However, in this world, seeing spirits is punishable by death. And yet, she wouldn’t be able to protect her family without the ghosts’ guidance and warnings. When the ghosts warn her of a fatal threat against Prince Charteris, she disguises herself and sets out to catch the culprit before it’s too late.

The parallels between Lady Rosentine Arzen and her previous life amaze me. She has spent her life as Yoon running literally and figuratively. Her life as the Lady Arzen, even if she still sees ghosts, is preferable to her previous incarnation. In her new life, she’s clever, protective of her younger sister, and she asks questions rather than wait for someone’s explanation.


Villains Are Destined to Die
Villains Are Destined to Die

Villains Are Destined to Die by SUOL & Gyeoeul

In the popular otome game Daughter of the Duke Love Project, you play (in normal mode) as Ivonne, the Duke’s long-lost daughter. She must reunite with her father and two older brothers and defeat Penelope Eckhart, the villainess and the Duke’s fake daughter. In the game’s hard mode, you get to play as the villainess.

A college student in South Korea eventually starts playing this game and one day wakes up in it as Penelope Eckhart. In hard mode, she has to choose from the multiple choice function to respond to the Duke and his sons. She cannot speak on her own. A word or decision can result in death.

I’ve read several great villainess webtoons on Tapas. This one, however, astounds me with its approach to otome games. Although the protagonist finally gets the chance to turn off the multiple choice function, she still has to take caution in how she interacts with the male characters. The story goes on to show how unfairly her servants and adopted family treat her. She has to find her way around so she can survive and hopefully return to her original life.

Do you know of a Tapas premium comic that you’d like to recommend? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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