Webcomic Roundup: March 2021

March 2021 webcomic roundup

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The webcomics I’ve discovered and read this month include magical girls, murder mysteries, fantasy with Queer characters, and more. Plus, I decided to explore the platform Hiveworks and found awesome stories to share. This month’s roundup compiles 26 webcomics (from WebToon, Tapas, Manta, and Hiveworks*) for your reading pleasure.

I keep finding fantastic webcomics to read and recommend! I’m excited to share them all with you! The webcomics I’ve read this month range from a mystery told through selfies to supernatural encounters to literally changing yourself for acceptance and success. So here we go!


Shattered Starlight

Shattered Starlight by Nicole Chartrand

Farah’s a magical girl… Well, she was a decade ago. Now she’s facing adult responsibilities, like paying the rent, but then she’s called to join a bakery of other magical girls including an ex-friend. I love reading stories about heroes, superheroes, chosen ones, etc. after their adventures or “prime years.” The creator does well with building up character and tension.


High School Bites

High School Bites by Amaurisaur

A witch, a werewolf, and a cheerleader work together to prevent saurians (lizard people) from invading their town. Maybe it’s me, but I can’t help but recall watching shows like Scooby-Doo and Doug when I was younger when I think of this webcomic. It just brings back fond memories of watching my favorite Saturday morning cartoons.


A Life Through Selfies

A Life Through Selfies by Arianna Arras

Okay, I’m glad that I stuck with this webcomic from the start. This is a story that you need to pay close attention to. It’s more than just a series of selfies.


The Sea in You

The Sea in You by Jessi Sheron

Corinth and the mermaid she encounters one day become friends. But as they grow closer, Corinth’s toxic relationship with her boyfriend threatens to break this beautiful bond with the mermaid. Gorgeous and at times heart wrenching.


Clover Under My Feet

Clover Under My Feet by Tasso (creator’s website is unavailable)

May Han lives in a world where humans either have the physical characteristics of a fox, tigers, cats, dogs, or rabbits. May is half Tiger, half rabbit. Her school peers tease her for being a mutant, so she wears sunglasses and a hat to hide herself. But meeting another mutant and making new friends challenge perceptions of herself. The alternate world and character development are impressive.

The first eight episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


The Butterfly Girl

The Butterfly Girl by Hyeon (creator’s site is unavailable)

Bibi has inherited the ability to literally change herself from her mother. Like a butterfly, Bibi sleeps in a cocoon and emerges as an altered version of herself. She wants to get through high school without being bullied, but another student might recognize her as the previous Bibi. A well-nuanced story about the risks people can take to succeed and maintain their reputation.

The first three episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


A Small Lie

A Small Lie by Kwonsam & Sulmi Bak (Completed) (creators’ sites are unavailable)

Wow, this webcomic takes a lot of unexpected but clever turns. A compelling murder mystery about revenge. I definitely didn’t see that ending coming!

The first three episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


Going Up

Going Up by Melissaboo

Cece dreams of being a famous fashion designer, and she might have that chance when she finds a lost dog belonging to a celebrity. Gorgeous art style and storytelling.


Siren's Crossing

Siren Crossing by Piroshkey

In Calypso Bay, everyone is bound to their promise. Leah has just moved into this seaside town with her son Conner to escape her abusive husband. Desperate for help, she finds that even wanting to protect her son can come with a dangerous price. An atmospheric webcomic that’s subtle when it needs to be.


Wraith and Water Elemental

Wraith and Water Elemental by kbulb (creator’s site is unavailable)

Koal, a wraith, and Ava, a water elemental, spend their days together. The two play video games, take walks, and support each other during tough times. A slice of life webcomic with endearing and uplifting moments.


Soup or Salad

Soup or Salad by TomMikeHill

An episodic comic about Ken and Russel, a human and a warthog. I personally find it sweet and fun to read.


Catopia University

Catopia University by Supercolony

A cat becomes the chosen one, whisked away from the alley to another world to attend a University for cats like him. An adorable and fun webcomic!

For more cat comics recommendations, check out this post.


Flying Ship

The Flying Ship by Jem Milton

An exciting and Queer fantasy adventure. After helping an old beggar, Dobrina is sent out on a journey on a flying ship to seek the black egg and marry the princess. But first, she must find the four other people destined to join her.


Tigress Queen

Tigress Queen by Allison Shaw

The current Emperor of the Jaezian Empire wants to settle the tension between the North and the South, so he invites Kizarasunga, warlord of the South, to his palace. But Kizarasunga won’t easily accept his proposal for a political alliance between her and his son. The vibrant worldbuilding and plot will draw you in.


Sleepless Domain

Sleepless Domain by Mary Cagle

By 10 pm, everyone should be in their homes. Except for magical girls, required to transform and fight the monsters that lurk during the night. The turning point of the story surprised me the first time. Don’t judge this webcomic by its art style.


Heir's Game

Heir’s Game by suspu

If you haven’t taken the time to check out suspu’s work yet, you should do it. Now. The creator includes complex and complicated characters that are racially, ethnically, sexually, and gender diverse. Heir’s Game is just as breathtaking. An assassin participates in a series of duels, where the one winner becomes the Heir’s bodyguard.

Plus, be sure to check out suspu’s other webcomic, ShootAround (completed).


Presto Cafe

Presto Cafe by EzraD

An endearing slice of life webcomic about two guys in love while managing their coffee shop. After losing contact following their first night together, they reunite later on. And that’s when they start working together.

For more slice of life webcomic recommendations, check out this post.


Solitarius Stars

Solitarius Stars by Eggr0ll

A transfer student and a wannabe-villain wizard meet in the magical school they attend. Impressive worldbuilding and funny character dynamics.


Night Class

Night Class by Manda_AMSBT (16+)

Quinn learns that the supernatural is truly real when his classmate Shiloh willingly reveals that he’s a werewolf. Quinn has avoided Shiloh since that night, although it’s not easy for him to avoid the guy that makes his heart race. I can sense (no pun intended) the chemistry between Quinn and Shiloh that I’m excited to see their relationship continue to develop.



Indigents by cassw (16+)

A post-apocalyptic (zombie) webcomic that focuses more on interpersonal relationships and what defines a community. It’s also about toxic masculinity and gender assumptions.

Content Warning: rape and sexual assault


Finding Home

Finding Home by Hari (16+)

Jarek travels with Chepri, half human and half fae, aiming for Jarek’s home village. Chepri, haunted by a traumatic past and toxic relationship, can’t seem to fully open up to Jeremy. A gorgeous Queer fantasy webcomic that explores mental health.


Beneath the Woods

Beneath the Woods by Chris Stark

Fourteen-year-old Max tries to find his way out of an ominous forest. I’m so excited to see where the creator goes with the story. Happy to see another webcomic with a trans boy main character.


Alien Heart

Alien Heart by Junohugger

Ivy’s mission to rescue her friend Rosa fails. Now it’s back to the foster home she’d ran away from. When Ivy turns sixteen, she’s transferred to another group home. A Queer sci-fi webcomic set in a future Earth where alien monsters called Angels threaten to break through the shield protecting the city.


Slice of Life

Slice of Life by SallyVinter

Masha, a Grim Reaper, is encouraged to take a vacation so that she could give someone a “full meal” (in other words, sex). She thinks she’s got her chance when stumbling on an Incubus named Riz. Except Riz is asexual. A thought provoking and promising webcomic about perceptions and expectations surrounding sexuality.


Like Water

Like Water by Cedar Brush (creator’s site is unavailable)

For me, webcomics with and about Indigenous people are few and far between. So discovering this beautiful story is a treasure, and reading it is a breathtaking experience. A story about two Queer Native women (Oneida and Iroquois) who grow closer together.



Khepra by TashaDancy

Cara and the medical droid Ed trek through a post-apocalyptic world. I’m a sucker for both post-apocalyptic stories and human-android team-ups, but that’s not why I’m recommending this webcomic. Khepra is a story about the emotional connection and understanding between individuals, human or not.


Have you read any good webcomics lately? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


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