Mermaid Webcomics to Check Out During MerMay

MerMay webcomics part 1
Graphic created with Canva. Featured: The Sweetness of Salt & Castle Swimmer

May is also known as MerMay, the month of mermaids. It’s the time when artists, writers, and creatives work on and share their mermaid-themed pieces. For this month, I will highlight several mermaid webcomics. Here’s part one.

This month’s for the mermaids! And besides the fact that I love mermaids, I do happen to have several webcomics featuring them. Whether you’re in the mood for romance, action, thriller, or whatever, here’s some awesome mermaid webcomics to read and enjoy. Look out for part 2 on May 24th!



A Fish Out of Water
A Fish Out of Water

A Fish Out of Water by briebdraw (Completed)

Listed on my April 2021 roundup. Mila takes interest in the strange new tourist Delphine, who seems too curious about details like the shave ice that Mila serves. As Mila catches on to the truth, she starts falling for this strange girl…


The Sweetness of Salt by shooshell
The Sweetness of Salt

The Sweetness of Salt by shooshell (16+)

Leah, a witch, stays at her aunt’s seaside cottage to sort things out for herself. But there she also meets a mermaid named Sha. The creator does a marvelous job with the quiet moments in this webcomic.


Siren's Crossing
Siren Crossing

Siren Crossing by Piroshkey

Listed on my March 2021 roundup. A story about what it takes to protect the ones you love. Leah escapes her abusive husband and settles in Calypso Bay with her son Connor. She learns from the townspeople about Calypso Bay’s history and its connection to the sirens, which Leah initially thinks as a myth. However, the sirens are real and this is a town where everyone keeps their promises or face the consequences.


The Sea in You
The Sea in You

The Sea In You by Jessi Sheron

Listed on my March 2021 roundup. Corinth encounters a mermaid one day and later on befriends her. But as they grow closer, Corinth’s toxic relationship with her boyfriend gets in the way. The mermaid will do anything to not lose Corinth.


Strawberry Seafoam by Bryan Golden
Strawberry Seafoam

Strawberry Seafoam by Bryan Golden

Read my review and check out my interview with Golden. A magical girl webcomic about Frasei, a young mermaid who attends the Delphic Academy and becomes a magical girl. With the support of her friends Rogue, Soleil, Bijou, and Sage, they use their powers to stop their adversary Delmare from corrupting the sea. Captivating and colorful.


The Little Trashmaid
The Little Trashmaid

The Little Trashmaid by s0s2

Listed on my February 2021 roundup. An episodic webcomic about a mermaid dealing with and reusing trash tossed into her part of the sea. Also, if you can afford it, donate to the creator’s Patreon (20% goes toward The Ocean Cleanup).


Castle Swimmer
Castle Swimmer

Castle Swimmer by Wendy Lian Martin

Read Jamie Sugah’s review here. If anyone asks me what my favorite webcomic is, Castle Swimmer would be the first one out of my mouth. I have too many favorites, but Castle Swimmer is definitely among my all-time favorites. Gorgeous storytelling, memorable characters, and fascinating worldbuilding grace Martin’s panels.


Do you have a favorite mermaid webcomic not listed here? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Try out “Ice Massacre: A f/f mermaid romance” on Tapas. 🙂 killer mermaids vs. Warrior women. Also, two of them were childhood friends? ✨

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