2022 Webcomic Roundup: MerMay Edition

2022 Webcomic Roundup: MerMay Edition
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It’s MerMay again, and that means more MerMay recommendations this year! This time it’s nearly all mermaid-themed short comics. Webcomics featured in this roundup are from Tapas, WebToons, and other websites or platforms.* Nearly all featured webcomics are completed works.

For this year’s MerMay roundup, I gathered stories about love that transcends barriers (physical or emotional.) A mermaid guard learning to open up. A mermaid leaving her cold ocean home in hopes of warmth on land. A market seller meeting up with her mermaid lover.

But before I continue with the roundup, I want to say this first: Since my early days at The Geekiary, I committed to highlighting Black creators starting with my creator spotlight column. I make sure that there are webcomics by Black creators in my recommendations and roundups.

This month, I took the time to check out Black artists participating in MerMay. Please check out and support AmandaQ, BrownSugars, Jaisodraws, Stefan Mirvil, KinkyCoilyBruja, Jada Chavis, ViolentlyCurly, and other Black creators. Your support should be a conscious effort. Don’t wait until Black History Month or when police violence or Black genocide makes the headlines.


Mermaid-themed (or includes mermaids) webcomics by Black creators that I’ve reviewed/recommended:

Strawberry Seafoam by Bryan Golden (Interview, MerMay part 1)

Cafe on Crepe Island by dyohna

Pippa & Levi by Onyichii

Seastar Crossed Lovers by Beeaskew


MerMay Recommendations for May 2022:


On My Way by Mayara Barros
On My Way

On My Way by Mayara Barros

Two girls – a mermaid and a human – find a way to be together. A comic that packs in enough emotion without using dialogue.


Market Day by Kelly Delahanty
Market Day

Market Day by Kelly Delahanty

A market seller meets up with her mermaid lover. Both the art style and storytelling leave a warm impression.


Sirenita by Fran

Sirenita by Fran

Teresa discovers a tiny mermaid at the beach and takes her home. Under Teresa’s care, the mermaid (named Sirenita) thrives and grows big enough to return to the beach. An endearing and vibrant story. I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Fran’s other webcomic, Magical Boy Troubles.


Sink! by krayonela

Sink! by krayonela

A quiet but powerful love story between a mermaid and a surfer. Part of the Lilies Anthology.


Anemone and Catharus by Hamini
Anemone and Catharus

Anemone and Catharus by Hamini (Harmony Becker)

A mermaid and a diver fall in love and find a way to be together. This is a cleverly constructed story that you have to read. Also, check out Hamini’s graphic novel, Himawari House!


On Her Guard by Laisanen
On Her Guard

On Her Guard by Laisanen

A story about a mermaid princess and her bodyguard. The princess wants to get away from the responsibilities that will come after her coronation, but her bodyguard discovers her hideout. However, the princess also tells her bodyguard that it’s okay to let her guard down. A short comic that leaves an emotional impact after the last panel.


Forest Undertow by Boyang
Forest Undertow

Forest Undertow by Boyang

An ocean spirit challenges a huntress. A story about defying societal expectations for your happiness and looking beyond rumors and misconceptions.


The Old Man and the Sea Witch by Steph
The Old Man and the Sea Witch

The Old Man and the Sea Witch by Steph

An endearing love story between a fisherman and a gay grandpa sea witch. Two old men who harbor loss and heartbreak of their own find each other. This webcomic is actually on hiatus, but the story so far is too gorgeous and atmospheric to not mention it here.


Fins by Nymtea

Fins by Nymtea

Finley’s life takes a significant turn after an encounter with a humanoid sea creature. This is an ongoing webcomic, but I just cannot have a MerMay post this year without mentioning it. A visually stunning narrative with enough tension and character to engage you.


Little Fish by Emily Hann
Little Fish

Little Fish by Emily Hann

Part of the Valor: Swords Anthology, Little Fish is a Little Mermaid retelling that features a trans man protagonist and a mermaid who seeks warmth from her cold ocean home. A short webcomic that effectively and gorgeously conveys the desire for connection.


Webcomics I’ve Reviewed This Month:

Blessed Cure by Mário César

Whale Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid by Na Yoonhee

3 Villainess Isekai Webcomics to Check Out on Manta!

Do you know of a good mermaid-themed webcomic? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

For more great webcomic recommendations, check out our Wednesday Webcomics archives! You can also check out previous roundups here.

Plus, check out my MerMay posts (part 1 and part 2) and my May 2021 roundup for more mermaid-themed webcomic recommendations.

*My mentionings of any platforms on this post is unsponsored.

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