2022 Webcomic Roundup: Fairy Tale February

2022 February Webcomic Roundup
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February’s roundup features mythic, folkloric, and fairy tale inspired webcomics. Transporting to new worlds, creating your own path, and more. Webcomics featured are from WebToon, Tapas, and Hiveworks.*

Webcomics for February’s theme explore fairy tale settings, unique adaptations and takes of fairy tales and folklore, and stories about monsters and magic. These 26 webcomics contain heartwarming moments and narratives full of despair and hope. So here we go!


Ill Fame by Layla Spence
Ill Fame

Ill Fame by Layla Spence

A crow and a seal, having shifted into their humanoid forms, fall in love with each other and decide to make their own life on an island kingdom. However, this unfair and petty monarchy becomes challenging for them to navigate through. A stranger and his prophetic snake appears one day, significantly impacting the crow and the seal.

A gorgeously drawn and written webcomic that has that folkloric element on point.


Glass Case by Pen
Glass Case

Glass Case by Pen

Elaine meets a seemingly ordinary librarian named Katherine. Of course, Katherine appears to be more than she seems, and Elaine becomes fascinated with her. That, and having to deal with the consequences of choosing her own path rather than becoming a sorcerer.

The story includes a talking umbrella, and a non-animal companion is fun to read about. And Elaine’s character development (choosing your future) is one to watch.


Grimenna by NkBlazeric

Grimenna by NkBlazeric

Grimenna, a primeval forest created by men’s beliefs, includes a river that divides man and the forest. But something evil has breached the river, and the problem becomes complicated for Paiva when she encounters a stranger from the other side.

Gorgeous art and captivating storytelling here. Whimsical and heart wrenching.


The Girl That Kills Giants by Utsu
The Girl That Kills Giants

The Girl That Kills Giants by Utsu (Creator’s site is unavailable) & SY Angel

Amelia befriends a girl named Fuji. The former, lost in the woods, wants to return home. And Fuji offers to help.

This webcomic contains a fascinating world and excellent character dynamics. Looking forward to where the creator takes it all.


Spontaneous World Shifting by sushiru
Spontaneous World Shifting

Spontaneous World Shifting by Sushiru-River

A mysterious object transports Tabb to another world. Not knowing how to return home, Tabb must survive the dangers of this unfamiliar landscape. A talking bear named Braelyn takes her in, and Tabb stays as she tries to figure out how to get back home.

Vulnerable and heartwarming, Spontaneous World Shifting realistically depicts a young one being transported and lost in a new world.


Raven Saga by Chihiro Howe
Raven Saga

Raven Saga by Chihiro Howe

Wen lives with her grandmother until a mysterious boy surrounded by Ravens kidnaps her. Now Wen has to travel the world outside her home with her two new companions – a boy cursed to obligingly help others and a talking bird. She learns that the world isn’t as ideal as she first thought and has to adapt to save the people she loves.

I’m a sucker for fairy tale inspired worlds. Raven Saga includes the Pied Piper, Rose Red, and more. A sweet and lovely story.


Cursed Princess Club by LambCat
Cursed Princess Club

Cursed Princess Club by LambCat

Unlike her two sisters, Princess Gwendolyn stands out with her green skin and hair. She has a possum as an animal companion, and most people in and outside the castle recoil at her appearance. One night in the forest, she encounters members of the Cursed Princess Club. There, she begins to build up her self confidence.

This is a fun webcomic with an awesome message for young girls and women about beauty and self worth. Not fitting into societal expectations doesn’t make you worthless. Plus, each episode includes lovely music.

Read Burkely’s review of this fantastic webcomic here!


Forever After by Violet Matter & Hannah Patten
Forever After

Forever After by Violet Matter & Hannah Patten

Robin’s wish to live the fairy tale life comes true when she’s transported into a fairy tale world. Except she’s the prince instead of the princess. In this world, she plays the role of restoring the happy endings of the princess (Snow White, Cinderella, etc.).

Here’s another fairy tale inspired fantasy webcomic that I’d recommend. Comical character dynamics and intriguing conflicts too.


Suitor Armor by Purpah
Suitor Armor

Suitor Armor by Purpah

Lucia lives as a lady-in-waiting to a princess who is soon to be wed to a king. Lucia’s life changes when she encounters then falls for an alchemically created being called Mordeus. But she has a bigger and much more dangerous secret: she’s a fairy. With tensions between humans and fairies, Lucia needs to be careful by hiding her true self.

Suitor Armor tackles fantasy racism in a well-nuanced way. There’s no black and white morality, nor does it fall back on just us versus them.


Beanstalked by RockyBloo

Beanstalked by RockyBloo (16+)

A celestial centennial event conjures new fairy tales to the land of Lore. But during this event, an ink fairy disrupts the order of this, and a team of misfits sets out to achieve their happily ever afters.

A riveting narrative with a dynamic cast of characters and well paced sequential sequences.

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Mir by Bet

Mir by Bet

A retelling of Snow White from the mirror’s perspective. When Mir doesn’t know the answer to the Queen’s question (Who’s the fairest in all the land?), she sends them out to find it.

I enjoy retellings that feature a side or minor character, and this webcomic doesn’t fail to meet my expectations. Fun and exciting at the same time, but not without its tense moments.


RED by teloka

RED by teloka (Completed)

A short sapphic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. An adaptation that touches on body horror and navigates agency. Red and the wolf aren’t what they seem at first.

A beautiful short story about the beast within and the moral positions of predator and prey.

Read Teloka’s other webcomic, A Week in Warrigilla.


The Beast of Neverwood by TheKingKez
The Beast of Neverwood

The Beast of Neverwood by TheKingKez (Completed)

A short but sweet Little Red Riding Hood retelling to read during cozy winter evenings. A grandmother tells the story about the beast of Neverwood to her granddaughter.

As I said, short but sweet. The webcomic manages to tell a compelling narrative in just a few pages.


Hemlock by Josceline

Hemlock by Josceline

In the Scandinavian forests of the 19th century, the witch Lumi accidentally marries a monster. With her familiar, Tristan, she has to deal with this predicament and her in-laws as well.

The setting? Gorgeous. The storytelling? Impressive. The art style definitely suits this Gothic fairy tale inspired world.


The Masked Fables by Ebae Kim
The Masked Fables

The Masked Fables by Ebae Kim

Ari sets off to recover the body of her spirit friend Hadley. Along the way, Ari encounters fairy tale characters like Snow White and Peter Pan while becoming involved in a tale of her own.

Again, I love fairy tale inspired worlds. I enjoy discovering the twists and takes on the fairy tales featured in this webcomic.


Red Rapture by OmniGeekEmpire
Red Rapture

Red Rapture by OmniGeekEmpire

A young boy named Negusa questions himself every day whether God truly wants His people to suffer. After being blessed with his powers, Negusa searches for an answer to that burning question.

A webcomic with high potential. The story does excellent with its exploration of religion and faith. Red Rapture (Issue #1) is available to purchase on Amazon.

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Palissandra by Jessie Paige Dawson

Palissandra by Jessie Paige Dawson

A point-and-click-game retelling of Pinocchio that follows a rosewood puppet named Palissandra. The love from the child who owns her is her world. Her journey to becoming human depends on readers’ choices.

Beautifully drawn and written, this is definitely an intriguing angle to the Pinocchio story that you don’t want to miss.

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Blackburn by Momojiji

Blackburn by Momojiji

The story of a werecat and the girl he rescues. In his human form, Baelfire the werecat befriends the girl Lilly.

Digging the character dynamics in this webcomic. Heartwarming and sweet to read.


The Duchess and the Moon by EffectOfGaia
The Duchess and the Moon

The Duchess and the Moon by EffectOfGaia

This is the story of the sun and the moon, a love that transcends time. It is also a tragedy. In the nation of Adelaide, High Sorceress Yue Sone requests an audience with the Grand Duchess Griselda Van Rafta. In reality, however, Yue and Griselda are in a rehab facility. The two bond and cope through the world they had created.

The narrative turning point after the first episode? I truly hadn’t seen that coming during my first reading. The endearing interactions between the two women also impress me.

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Peritale by Mari Costa

Peritale by Mari Costa (All ages) (Completed)

Periwinkle, a fairy born without magic, aims to fulfill a fairy tale to earn her peers’ approval. If she succeeds, she’ll prove that she’s just as capable without magical abilities.

My goodness, this webcomic will draw you in with its lovable characters and fairy tale inspired world.


Paged Away by gleamiarts
Paged Away

Paged Away by gleamiarts

Jamie and her friends find themselves in another world after discovering a book at a snack stop. Now they have to navigate within the pages of a book and figure out its magic.

Here’s another transported-to-a-new-world story that I’d like to recommend. An adventure fantasy with heart and hope.

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Before the Carnival by green-glasses
Before the Carnival

Before the Carnival by green-glasses

Law student Aylin possesses impressive knife throwing skills. She aims to earn a position as a judge by getting a job at the Royal Palace. However, things don’t turn out the way she expected when she’s assigned to a partner with a fascination for knife throwing.

I admire the worldbuilding and character dynamics here. Also, the story is brilliantly structured.

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I Wasn't The Cinderella by doba, Kim Joon Kee, & G-ANNE
I Wasn’t The Cinderella

I Wasn’t The Cinderella by doba, Kim Joon Kee, & G-ANNE (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

Terryl’s boyfriend has dumped her for her low status. To make matters worse, she returns home to find a mysterious man who claims to be her father. She’s whisked away to the North, where her father reigns as the Duke. Fueled by revenge, Terryl trains to fight and contemplates marrying her ex’s brother.

At first, this might seem like one of those fairy tale princesses turns into a physical fighter to prove how “strong” she is. This webtoon strays from that narrative choice. Terryl also displays emotional strength and wit over time. She’s a complex character who interacts with the other women around her (not just her mother.)

I’ve been granted free access to I Wasn’t The Cinderella in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Cinder's Ball by CJ Young, Kisai Entertainment, & sakuramusimsemi
Cinder’s Ball

Cinder’s Ball by CJ Young, Kisai Entertainment, & sakuramusimsemi (Creator’s site is unavailable)

Isabell lives under the shadow of her stepmother and stepsisters. Instead of a fairy godmother, a distant relative visits her and offers a better life. All Isabell has to do is attend the King’s ball and find a way to become Prince Tristan’s bride. Things take a complicated turn when Tristan isn’t interested in marriage and Isabell doesn’t want a royal life. And there are four boys masquerading as the prince.

Cinder’s Ball contains an intriguing take on the Cinderella story. Isabell has had a hard life with her stepfamily, but she doesn’t want the royal treatment. It’s a webcomic about choices and what freedom means.

I’ve been granted free access to Cinder’s Ball in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


A Wicked Tale of Cinderella's Stepmom by Sunset & Kiarne
A Wicked Tale of Cinderella’s Stepmom

A Wicked Tale of Cinderella’s Stepmom by Sunset & Kiarne (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

A woman reincarnates in the body of Cinderella’s stepmother. Widowed twice, this stepmother is left with her two daughters and Cinderella. Without male figures (including servants), the women of the house are vulnerable. Thus, the stepmother has to take matters into her own hands and protect her family.

Despite the title, this stepmother isn’t as “wicked.” She’s ahead of her time (in this world) and strives to provide the best for her daughters and stepdaughter.

I’ve been granted free access to A Wicked Tale of Cinderella’s Stepmom in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


The Fantasie of a Stepmother by Spice&Kitty
The Fantasie of a Stepmother

The Fantasie of a Stepmother by Spice&Kitty & ORKA (Creators’ sites are unavailable)

Shuri, also called the Iron Widow, endures the responsibilities of raising her stepchildren after their father has died. Despite her kindness, her stepchildren respond to her with bitterness and resentment. After she dies a horrible death, she wakes up several years in the past. For her, this is her chance to bond with her stepchildren.

First off, I love the characters, especially Shuri. Beautiful storytelling and strong character relationships as well.

I’ve been granted free access to The Fantasie of a Stepmother in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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Do you have a webcomic that you’d like to recommend? It doesn’t have to relate to February’s theme. Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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