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A bunny with bad luck. A gargoyle attending college. That moment when a robot becomes sentient. And more funny webcomics available on WebToon to brighten your day.

I’m going to get personal here: I haven’t been feeling well these past several weeks. Whenever I’m down these days, one of the things I do to get through the gloominess is read funny and heart-warming webcomics. This month, I’ve read twelve on WebToon, so I figured that I’d share (because why not?). I hope that at least one (or two, or more) will cheer someone else up. Enjoy!


Gecko Chan by Meritxell Garcia
Gecko Chan

Gecko Chan by Meritxell Garcia (NEW!)

Gecko Chan, a monster with abilities that they need to keep secret about, adjusts to a new city and attending a school.

So there’s an episode in this charming webcomic in which Gecko Chan talks about their gender identity (genderfluid) and decides to use they/them pronouns. That part left me teary the first time. I love that these stories keep coming.


Rooftops and Roommates by Zaanart
Rooftops and Roommates

Rooftops and Roommates by Zaanart (NEW!)

Jeb, a gargoyle, disguises himself as a human while attending college. He wants to major in architecture and make friends, but it can be challenging to even make sure he doesn’t accidentally transform in public. And there are those ghosts that are spooking him. A comical episodic webcomic.


Doc and the Deathbot by Steve Ogden Art
Doc and the Deathbot

Doc and the Deathbot by Steve Ogden Art

A time traveling death robot joins a plague doctor. The two deal with the Black Plague, getting through complicated situations and comical moments. I admire the witty humor in this episodic webcomic.


Lars by The Awkward Yeti

Lars by The Awkward Yeti (Completed)

The comic life journey of a Yeti named Lars. Dealing with awful discourse on social media, trying to understand the point of staring at art in a museum, and a bird who steals his identity.


Cluster Fudge by John McNamee
Cluster Fudge

Cluster Fudge by John McNamee (Completed)

Just a comic with robots, wizards, and other things that interest the creator. But it’s a fun read that tackles everyday disappointments.


Lorna by Benji Nate

Lorna by Benji Nate (Completed)

Lorna lives with her best friend Norma and another roommate whose name she keeps forgetting. Kidnapping, earning money through ransom, visiting her cat lady grandma, and threatening people with a knife. An entertaining webcomic.


CARL by Hussein Traboulsi & Claudia Z.

CARL by Hussein Traboulsi & Claudia Z.

Carl, a robot psychiatrist, becomes sentient after struggling to understand the emotions of his human patients. His creator (who he calls Dad) creates another Carl, who also becomes sentient. Eventually, the public and the media worry at the idea of sentient AI.

Okay, this webcomic goes into tragic and difficult places, but the endearing relationships between characters and introspective moments earn a spot on this list.


Average Adventures of an Average Girl by lallirr
Average Adventures of an Average Girl

Average Adventures of an Average Girl by lallirr (Completed)

A webcomic about the life and mishaps of an average Italian girl. She’s living an average life, looks “average” to most people, and experiences average (oh, really?) moments. That, and bad hair days and pursuing her dreams of becoming an artist.


Hapi Bunni by Ryan Pagelow
Hapi Buni

Hapi Buni by Ryan Pagelow (Completed)

Okay, this bunny really has bad luck. I’m talking about consistently getting rejected by the lady bunny he’s been in love with, getting trapped inside a book world and dying there, living with a cynical father, and other horrible fates. But in the end, there is hope.


Library Ghost by Mikey Heller
Library Ghost

Library Ghost by Mikey Heller (Completed)

A ghost haunts a library. However, he also works there. Sexual innuendo, pranks, and just general ghost shenanigans.


Small World by Wonson Jin
Small World

Small World by Wonson Jin (Creator’s site is unavailable)

Boyfriends Robin and Julien spend their days together cuddling, playing video games, and supporting each other.


Adventures of God by Teo & Corey
Adventures of God

Adventures of God by Teo & Corey

Get more than a peek at Heaven and what God does other than answering prayers. Apparently, He drinks a lot, not everyone in Heaven is satisfied, and He doesn’t always make the best decisions for his angels and humanity. That, and He sends gay men to hell to chill with the Devil. This webcomic truly has me laughing and getting through nearly all the episodes in one sitting.


Is there a comical webcomic that you’d like to recommend? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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