Wednesday Webcomics: “Solstoria”

Solstoria by Angélica María
Solstoria by Angélica María

Solstoria by Angélica María contains a balance of humor and suspense while never straying from the heart of its story. It’s a webcomic that spins a tale about finding yourself and cherishing the unexpected friends you encounter during your journey.

Solstoria by Angélica María
Solstoria by Angélica María

When Samantha’s older brother, Lawrence, goes missing, she vows to become a knight in hopes of finding him. Her journey leads her to unexpected places and people, including a scarecrow and a crow seemingly following her. Samantha befriends a devoted activist named Oksana, a member of the Moon Tribe who represents her mother in the Helenian court. As Samantha travels with Oksana as her bodyguard and trains to become a knight, she wonders if this journey is mainly about finding her brother or herself.

Meanwhile, her brother strives to protect his family only to trap himself in a magical predicament.

The first several panels of this gorgeous fantasy webcomic conveys the protagonist’s innocence. Wordless moments portray the relationship between Samantha and her brother, setting up a sweet impression for the readers. We later see Lawrence fleeing to retrieve his father and tell him that his mother is giving birth to twin sisters. That scene cements Lawrence’s motivation to protect his family.

Solstoria by Angélica María
Solstoria by Angélica María

Solstoria then takes a tragic turn as Lawrence disappears after rescuing his sister from an unknown danger. We transition years later to a teenage Samantha preparing to set off to become a knight and find her brother. From there, Samantha experiences unexpected friendships and challenges, gradually realizing the purpose of her mission in the first place.

The creator does a fantastic job of not bombarding the readers with world building and character backstories. For instance, after the beginning with the siblings, we transition to a potential murder mystery involving a crow attacking children. The webcomic’s steady pacing keeps the reader in suspense, anticipating the next update. The smooth jumps between characters and places, along with a radiant cast of characters, make this an enjoyable read.

Solstoria by Angélica María
Solstoria by Angélica María

A delight from beginning to its current page, Solstoria brims with whimsical and heartwarming moments. From its attention to detail and wordless emotional panels, reading this webcomic feels like curling up in front of a fireplace during an autumn night.

Solstoria is an ongoing webcomic available on Hiveworks.

Check out Angélica María’s website.

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