Webcomic Recommendation: “My Boyfriend The Mothman”

My Boyfriend The Mothman by Ashton D. Sanchez
My Boyfriend The Mothman

Queer stories about monsters and monster-human romance are pretty common, particularly in indie books and art. These stories range from paranormal romance to sci-fi, and we also see this in mainstream media like the She-Ra reboot and Adventure Time. My Boyfriend The Mothman by Ashton D. Sanchez features a romantic relationship between a human trans man and a gay Mothman. And let me tell you, it is that webcomic which I had waited for a while.

When Eugene reveals his true form to Carlos, the latter doesn’t care. Carlos loves Eugene, and he will always love him. Thus, the two begin to live together, going through the best and rough times like every other couple. From communicating about what works from them to meeting the parents, Carlos and Eugene both grow to love and understand each other.

My Boyfriend The Mothman by Ashton D. Sanchez
My Boyfriend The Mothman

My heart soars at the fact that this webcomic exists. A latine trans man in love with a cryptid?! Sign me up! As a writer who pens similar narratives, it excites me to see someone else doing monster stories as well. The episodic structure fits the storyline, showing moments between Eugene and Carlos. Other characters appear, including Leticia and Carlos’s parents, adding dimension to the two leads. The complex character dynamics and worldbuilding are truly impressive.

Adorable and touching moments fill the panels of this webcomic. There are serious moments, like Eugene explaining his estranged relationship with his parents to Carlos, but the creator provides well nuanced discussions and smooth transitions between humor and drama.

My Boyfriend The Mothman by Ashton D. Sanchez
My Boyfriend The Mothman

Personally, I see monster-human romances as more than a human falling in love with a monster. It’s about acceptance, self-worth, and love’s persistence even during the worst of times. My Boyfriend The Mothman conveys that beautifully.

My Boyfriend The Mothman is available on WebToon.

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