Creator Spotlight: Mildred Louis

Mildred Louis

Best known for her magical girl webcomic Agents of the Realm, rising talent Mildred Louis shows promise with her captivating world building and characters. She is one to watch.

Mildred Louis, born in Boston, MA, studied animation in Canada and is now residing in Southern California. A storyteller and digital illustrator, she writes and illustrates fantasy and sci-fi comics featuring a majority cast of Black women and women of color. Her work explores themes of interpersonal relationships, mental health, and self-worth.

Agents of the Realm, which I read just a few weeks ago, introduced me to her work. Louis has removed the webcomic for editorial reasons, although she has stated on her studio site that she plans to release it again around Fall 2021 (volume 3; the first two volumes are available to buy). Agents of the Realm incorporates tropes from Japan’s magical girl genre – with nods to popular media like Sailor Moon – but also navigates relationships (platonic, familial, and romantic) between Black women and WOC. The story glimmers with the dynamics and support between the characters. While the magical girl genre usually focuses on middle and high school girls, the characters in Agents of the Realm are in college, which I personally don’t see much of in other media.

Louis’s work stands out in multiple ways: her storytelling transcends boundaries of genre, both in her art and her writing. She creates stories about Queer Black women and WOC dealing with real life and literal monsters. Her memorable characters reflects the diverse range of body types, ethnicities, and cultural identities. Her imaginative world building and dynamic art style never fail to impress me. If this is your first time hearing about her, you’re in for more than a real treat. Louis’s work holds so much promise that I know she’s going places soon.

Her other projects include Gagner Magazine (18+), Catalyst Overdrive, and enRAPTURED (+18). She’s currently open to freelance work, mentoring other creators, and speaking opportunities.

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Author: Brahidaliz Martinez

Brahidaliz (pronounced Bra-da-leez) is a 2019 graduate of American University’s MFA in creative writing program. Their cross-genre chapbook, Coquí’s Song, is forthcoming (2023) from Mason Jar Press.

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