Wednesday Webcomics: First Impressions of “Opposite of Always” and “Señorita Cometa”

Opposite of Always and Señorita Cometa
Graphic created with Canva. From left to right: Opposite of Always and Señorita Cometa.

It’s yet another double feature for this Wednesday Webcomics post! This time, it’s stories about taking justice into your own hands and time travel. Opposite of Always and Señorita Cometa follow narratives about breaking out of the cycle, whether it’s a time loop or refusing to rely on a corrupt justice system.

WebToon’s been releasing new webcomics throughout March and April, and I’ve been excited to check them out. For this week’s Wednesday Webcomics, I want to highlight two new webcomics on the platform, Opposite of Always and Señorita Cometa. Both stories contain protagonists who decide to pursue their own mission without relying on an institution or justice system.


Opposite of Always by jason a. reynolds, Darius Dudley, Sharpteething, and WmW
Opposite of Always

Opposite of Always by jason a. reynolds, Darius Dudley, Sharpteething, & WmW

A webcomic adaptation of the YA novel (of the same title) by jason a. reynolds, Opposite of Always begins with Jack returning to the future again to save Kate, the girl he’s fallen in love with. Although he’s already crushing on his friend Jillian (who is dating his best friend), he starts getting closer to Kate over time. But then she passes away, and Jack finds himself thrown back in time to when they first met. The time travel becomes a time loop as he tries to prevent her death each time.

Opposite of Always by jason a. reynolds, Darius Dudley, Sharpteething, and WmW
Opposite of Always

I remember the plot of the book after reading it a few years ago, so I instantly recognized the characters and events after reading the first episode. Opposite of Always is a powerful narrative about the stakes involved in saving one person. Jack takes risks along the way to save Kate, even if there are serious consequences afterward. It’s an emotional time travel story about the sacrifices we make and the challenges we face.

Start reading Opposite of Always here.

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Señorita Cometa by Arechan
Señorita Cometa

Señorita Cometa by Arechan

The citizens of the city of Yoalco rely on the police to sweep away the rampant crimes by the Jaguar and the Jabali mafias. But people, mostly women, have gone missing, including Alex’s best friend, Lola. The police’s dismissal of Lola’s disappearance won’t deter Alex from solving the case herself. So Alex fights back through her alter ego, the Phantom Thief Cometa, and excavates Yoalco’s corrupted criminal justice system.

Señorita Cometa by Arechan
Señorita Cometa

This webcomic is exciting and promising from episode one. Alex becomes memorable with her quirks and traits. She knows what she wants to do, and she won’t let a broken system take care of her problems. Even if the superhero genre isn’t your thing (the case with me), I still recommend this webcomic for the dedicated protagonist.

Start reading Señorita Cometa here.

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Are there any new webcomics (WebToon or elsewhere) that you’d like to recommend? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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Author: Brahidaliz Martinez

Brahidaliz (pronounced Bra-da-leez) is a 2019 graduate of American University’s MFA in creative writing program. Their cross-genre chapbook, Coquí’s Song, is forthcoming (2023) from Mason Jar Press.

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