Webcomic Roundup: LGBTQ+ Webcomics for Pride 2021!

Webcomic Roundup for June 2021
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For this month’s roundup, I compiled most of the LGBTQ+ webcomics I’ve discovered and read in honor of Pride 2021. The webcomics recommended are from WebToon, Tapas, Manta, TappyToon, Flowfo, and Hiveworks.*

I’ll confess: I prefer recommending LGBTQ+ webcomics year-round than in certain months, days, or events. Not because I’m Queer and Trans myself, but because I strongly believe that support for LGBTQ+ people — this generation and the next and our elders — should happen every single day, especially for Queer people with intersectional identities (Black, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Asian and Pacific Islander, people of color, disabled, and more).

However, you won’t find just Queer stories in this roundup. These stories encompass various experiences, worlds, and genres. Here, you’ll discover webcomics that celebrate found families and living life to the fullest. Some of these stories contain coming out narratives and confront queerphobia; I included them because even the “dated” themes are valid today. There is no one Queer experience. All sexual orientations and gender identities are valid (even the ones you don’t understand). People who are not out are valid. Unsurprisingly, there’s been a lot of punching down and policing on the Internet and in real life, so take care of yourselves and each other.

So here are 35 webcomic recommendations for Pride 2021. Enjoy!

The Mysqueery Gang by Mer The Mango
The Mysqueery Gang

The Mysqueery Gang by Mer The Mango

Four Queer teens, one of them an amnesiac, have supernatural adventures and solve paranormal mysteries. I love how the diversity doesn’t cater to the cishet gaze. A delightful read!


Fatal Kiss by riadevim
Fatal Kiss

Fatal Kiss by riadevim

Raegan (Ray), the new student at Rosewood, feels out of place because she doesn’t come from a rich, privileged family like her peers. And then there’s the class delinquent Emani who sits next to her in class. Ray will later find that there’s more to Emani than just another privileged student. A promising story. I’m excited to see where the creator takes it.


Same Height by Yaku Niiku
Same Height!

Same Height! by Yaku Niiku

Two girls who seemingly have nothing in common find themselves attracted to each other. At least they’re the same height, right? An endearing webcomic. (Note: On hiatus until November 2021). 


Erie Waters by Joanne Kwan
Erie Waters

Erie Waters by Joanne Kwan (Completed)

Ian Chen encounters a ghost named Sebastian. The two eventually become more than friends, but Jenny Greenteeth, Sebastian’s keeper, isn’t too happy about it. The lore in this story (Great Lakes) amazes me so much. A gorgeous webcomic about human contact and the strength it takes to let a loved one live freely.

You can purchase a hard copy here, or a digital copy here.


Polyamory Comics by Sara Valta
Polyamory Comics

Polyamory Comics by Sara Valta

An autobiographical webcomic about the creator’s relationship with her two boyfriends H-P Lehkonen and Paju. Not only does she explain polyamory and dispels misconceptions about polyamorous relationships, but she also includes moments with her partners.

Find more webcomics about love and relationships beyond the LGBT acronym here.


A Werewolf by the Sea by Carlisle Robinson
A Werewolf by the Sea

A Werewolf By The Sea by Carlisle Robinson (Completed)

A lovely supernatural romance between a mermaid and her newly turned werewolf girlfriend. Short and silent (no dialogue), but moving and evocative. The creator has also taken the time to add alt text for visually impaired and blind readers (thank you!).

You can purchase a digital copy here.

Check out Robinson’s other webcomic What qq, which I’ve reviewed here.

Check out more mermaid webcomics on my MerMay recs part 1 and part 2.


All My Love by Crash Galaxy
All My Love

All My Love by Crash Galaxy

Gem turns to metal rock to cope with losing her father. When her mother starts dating again, Gem finds out that the boyfriend is the father of the Fairview twins. And Gem eventually grows closer to her new stepsister. A promising coming of age narrative.


Rechargeable by Bilvy

Rechargeable by Bilvy

The street gang Immortals make a living by illegally manufacturing and selling prosthetic tech. This exciting found family webcomic takes place in a future Australia.


Silently by Hugenschuett

Silently by Hugenschuett

A sci-fi horror webcomic that’s as psychological as it is bloody. There’s body horror and gore, but they don’t come off as excessive or gratuitous. The high stakes and plot twists are well executed.


Words and Kisses by Mockma
Words and Kisses

Words & Kisses by Mockma (Creator’s site is unavailable) (Completed)

A beautiful short webcomic about realizing romantic love and what it means to live. Junhee meets and falls for manhua artist Hyunjin, and that’s when Junhee realizes she’s found the person she wants to spend her life with.

The first two episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


Bongchon Bride by Sohn Gaepi
Bongchon Bride

Bongchon Bride by Sohn Gaepi (Creator’s site is unavailable)

Bongchon, the giant of the village, buys a slave named Soongap for 50 sacks of rice. Bongchon’s mother, blind and hard of hearing, thinks he’s brought home a bride. Soongap is a man, and Bongchon does not want a woman as his bride. The budding relationship between these two men is endearing. Also, the portrayals of trauma and PTSD are well nuanced.

Content Warnings: sexual assault, rape, and incest

The first two episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


Mom, I'm Gay by Boreum
Mom, I’m Gay

Mom, I’m Gay by Boreum (Creator’s site is unavailable) (Completed)

Best friends Jin and Rin are gay and in the closet. Their families suspect they’re not straight, although they hope otherwise. But when the secret is out, biases and expectations are challenged. The queerphobia, trauma, and family dynamics are well done here.

The first three episodes are available to read for free on Manta.


After the Curtain Call by Assam & JINA
After the Curtain Call

After the Curtain Call by Assam & JINA (Creators’ sites are unavailable) (Completed)

After ceasing her support for her favorite musical actor who had switched from theatre to TV, Soyoung meets the theatre actress Jaeyi. Soyoung and Jaeyi go from acquaintances to close friends then something more, but things turn complicated when Soyoung’s adversary appears. A compelling romance.

The first three episodes are available to read for free on TappyToon.


Gallico by bmacbride

Gallico by bmacbride (18+)

During World War II, an Irish priest and an Italian interrogator meet and become close. I’m quite impressed by the atmospheric art style.


Soulmate by Rae, Taryn, & Kuaikan Comics

Soulmate by Rae, Taryn (Creators’ sites are unavailable), & Kuaikan Comics (Completed)

There are obstacles to overcome in every timeline. Qi realizes that after she wakes up ten years into the past. Now back in high school, Qi gets to meet her future significant other Yuanzi. Ten years into the future, Qi is a professor. Yuanzi has developed type 1 diabetes from years of frequently eating sweets and candies. Qi has the chance to prevent Yuanzi’s potential death and other unfortunate events, but how much can she change without disastrous consequences? An evocative story about what it takes to keep a relationship through difficult times.

The first four episodes are available to read for free on Tapas.

I’ve received free access to Soulmate in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Mojito by noftB & Kuaikan Comics

Mojito by noftB (Creator’s site is unavailable) & Kuaikan Comics

A photo of Simone and her lover Marissa puts Simone’s modeling career at risk when it goes viral on the Internet. Most of the public disapproves of their relationship. Simone’s mother urges her to break up with Marissa. But Simone has risked so much to be with Marissa. Mojito shows the obstacles and commitments in a relationship and what it takes to be yourself.

The first six episodes are available to read for free on Tapas.

I’ve received free access to Mojito in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Could I Be? by olive
Could I Be?

Could I Be? by olive

Dalla questions her sexuality after waking up with another woman one morning. She’s drunk so much at the party the night before, but does it mean that she’s not straight? Dalla can’t stop thinking about the woman she’s slept with…

I’m glad to see a webcomic with questioning characters, and I admire how the creator handles it.


The Hunt by Lucid
The Hunt

The Hunt by Lucid (18+)

College students Avery and Rhys spend their free time being ghost hunters. Avery aspires to join the Ghost Encounters Inc., and wants to earn his place there by finding evidence of a ghost. While investigating a haunted asylum, Rhys tries to avoid the moonlight (Avery doesn’t know that Rhys is a werewolf).


Decale by mcraicin

DÉCALÉ by mcraicin (16+)

At a dance school in Mexico, its instructors and students experience love and challenges. The racial, ethnic, sexual, gender, and even religious diversity in this webcomic is amazing and realistic.


Not Your Binary by Basketcase
Not Your Binary

Not Your Binary by Basketcase

A sweet slice of life webcomic about being nonbinary.

Find more LGBTQ+ slice of life webcomics here.


Deryli and the Magician's Key by vampbyte
Deryli and the Magician’s Keys

Deryli and the Magician’s Key by vampbyte

An imaginative Queer fantasy about a boy setting off to find his missing father and one of the legendary keys of fate. Prince Philippe joins him with dreams about finding romance.


Road Trip by Michelle Dix
Road Trip

Road Trip by Michelle Dix (Completed)

A human and a goblin take a cross-country road trip. A fun and exciting science-fantasy webcomic.


The Grand Priestess by TheExodusGuard
The Grand Priestess

The Grand Priestess by TheExodusGuard

Violently torn apart from her lover, Verashana seeks the truth of what happened. Heart-wrenching and gorgeous from the first episode.


Honey and Venom by Kurzz
Honey and Venom

Honey and Venom by Kurzz

Two thousand years later, a goddess and her devoted priestess finally meet again. However, the “priestess” doesn’t remember her past life. Funny and sweet.


Champs by Mharz

Champs by Mharz

MMA fighters Jane Brooklyn and Tala Labrador fight and fall in love with each other. Their loyalty and inner strength are tested when they discover that a rival fighter has been abusing her maid. This gem of a webcomic tackles power dynamics and violence among women of color.


RAINBOW! by Rue & Sunny Gloom

RAINBOW! by Rue & Sunny Gloom

Boo is a teen girl who frequently daydreams and has pink hair. She’s suddenly seeing unusual things, including the new student, a girl with green hair. The dynamic art style truly amplifies the tension in this captivating story.


Sunny and Rainy by theMaarika
Sunny and Rainy

Sunny and Rainy by theMaarika

Sapphic witches Sunny and Rainy look forward to Halloween and honing their witchcraft. Expect magical mishaps and mischievous cats.


The Prince of Southland by Chris Geroux
The Prince of Southland

The Prince of Southland by Chris Geroux

Prince Donnie Ali is trying to settle back into his life after the scandal involving him kissing an android. Now he’s hiding a fugitive in his home. In a future with androids and AI, the webcomic explores autonomy and what makes someone “human.”


Getting Lost by Izzi Ward
Getting Lost

Getting Lost by Izzi Ward

Getting lost in the woods might as well be a good thing for Reed and Isaiah. There’s something about being in an unfamiliar space that makes it easier to meditate and relax. And so Reed and Isaiah decide to not worry about getting back home for now.

A print copy is available to purchase at Etsy.


Rainette by Biscuit

Rainette by Biscuit

Being a witch sounds cool, but Rainette also has green skin. Which is embarrassing for her. So she gains self-confidence and acceptance along the way. Loving the characters and cute moments in this magical webcomic.

Rainette is also available to read in French.


WOLA by Catuallie & Salty

WOLA by Catuallie & Salty

I mentioned Catuallie’s Help Wanted and Salty’s The Hearth and the Stone in my April roundup. This webcomic is a lovely collaboration. Elep commissions the giant fisherman Kalolo to build him a boat. The two grow closer and challenge each other to be better and enjoy life.


Howling Woods by KIZ
Howling Woods

Howling Woods by KIZ

Set in an alternate 1990s, a small town populated by werewolves and other supernatural beings experiences a shocking murder. The reaction, however, is just as surprising. Awesome worldbuilding with the retro 90s aesthetic.


Moving In by SK6
Moving In

Moving In by SK6 (Vice)

Jackie meets Riley, the new girl in her apartment, and is already crushing hard on her. This webcomic does well with balancing comical and serious moments.


A Week in Warrigilla by Pi and Teloka
A Week in Warrigilla

A Week in Warrigilla by Pi and Teloka

Hazel and Willie travel through rural Australia where they experience paranormal encounters. I’m so eager to read the next update of this webcomic. The tension makes you care about the main characters.


Magical How? by eyugho
Magical How?

Magical How? by eyugho

Gabe and Booker encounter a fairy that looks like a floating ball with hands. Gabe eagerly accepts the fairy’s offer to become a Magical. Booker, however, senses that something’s off about this. I love, love, love the complex characterization in this surprising webcomic. The characters, particularly Gabe and Booker, are messy and contradictory, and just real. Also, boys wearing dresses.

Have you read any good LGBTQ+ webcomics lately? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


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