Wednesday Webcomics: Four LGBTQ+ Slice of Life Webcomics to Check Out!

Wednesday Webcomics: Four LGBTQ+ Slice of Life Webcomics to Check Out
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Among the Queer webcomics I discover and read, several of them are slice of life. Here are four that I’d like to highlight for pride month.

I present to you four Queer slice of life webcomics that discuss LGBTQ+ issues and show everyday things. Dealing with queerphobia, living on the intersection of gender and ability, realizing what love and relationships mean to you, Queer people just being themselves, and more.


Veronica Triumphant by Veronica James
Veronica Triumphant

Veronica Triumphant by Veronica James

An autobiographical webcomic about Veronica James, a trans woman. Other than dealing with everyday trivial stuff, she tries to get used to her chosen name, struggles with shaving, and rightfully condemning transphobic politicians.


Man Time! by Sam
Man Time!

Man Time! by Sam

Three trans men go through everyday life, from going on T to playing video games. This episodic webcomic contains fun characters and moments.


What qq by Carlisle Robinson
What qq

What qq by Carlisle Robinson

Robinson, a deaf transmasculine genderqueer person, shares snippets of their life before and after transitioning. The “qq” in the title refers to the device deaf and hard of hearing people used for phone calls (TTY) back then (now it’s via videophone). What qq also includes signs for words and Queer identities.


Wondrous: An Aro/Ace Coming of Age Story by A Colorful Reader
Wondrous: An Aro/Ace Coming of Age Story

Wondrous – An Aro/Ace Coming of Age Story by A Colorful Reader (Creator’s Site is Unavailable)

Paisley questions her thoughts on love and relationships. The people around her, including her friends and family, are dating and falling in love. A new friend leads her to learn about the aro/ace spectrum, and then things start to come together.


Do you know of any Queer slice of life webcomics? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

For more great webcomic recommendations, check out our Wednesday Webcomics archives! You can also check out more Queer webcomics on my Valentine’s Day special and LGBTQ+ short webcomics post. And find more slice of life webcomics here.

Author: Brahidaliz Martinez

Brahidaliz (pronounced Bra-da-leez) is a 2019 graduate of American University’s MFA in creative writing program. They’re a submissions editor for Uncanny Magazine. Their various areas of interest include intersectionality in apocalyptic and disaster films, Artificial Intelligence, writing for animation, YA SFF, and LGBTQ+ representation in children’s media.

Pronouns: he/they
Location: DC Metro area

Twitter: @brahidaliz


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