Why Women Kill 1×10 Review: Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time

Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time review Why Women Kill
Beth-Ann in ‘Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time’ (Image: Screengrab)

Why Women Kill season 1 delivered a satisfying finale this week with ‘Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time.’ Now, while I still have certain issues with the writing, I do think this season was able to offer the entertainment factor the viewers were expecting. You can easily retitle this series to How to Get Away with Murder.

This review of ‘Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time’ contains MAJOR Spoilers. You’ve been warned!

Why Women Kill is one of those shows you can’t instantly judge by only watching the premiere. There’s so much that ended up happening in the 10-episode long season. I still think CBS All Access should have released the entire thing together. Then again, seeing how tough it can be for streaming services to keep their subscribers for more than a month, I guess we all have to accept that a new streaming show won’t always mean the possibility of us binge-watching it in a day. At least, Netflix hasn’t gone that route… yet.

Anyway, coming back to Why Women Kill, it has already been renewed for a second season. So, if you haven’t watched the first one, I recommend that you do. It’s definitely a messy show, but somehow everything works. ‘Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time,’ helped bring the three timelines together in an impressive manner. The climax showcasing all of the characters encountering different situations (in the same house) was amazing to watch. Good job, editing team!

The show told us during the premiere that three people were going to die. However, we didn’t know who they were going to be or how they were going to be killed. Trying to figure out the three characters who were going to kick the bucket turned into a fun game. I predicted that Tommy, Jade, and the husband of Beth-Ann’s neighbor were going to die. I only got Jade right. But I don’t feel bad. Seeing the other two characters killed during the finale made a lot of sense.

I loved Beth-Ann’s plan to kill Rob and save her neighbor from an abusive husband. Even though April’s presence could have complicated things, it all worked out for the best at the end. Beth-Ann’s expression after handing Rob an unloaded revolver was everything!

Considering how her life as a housewife was back in 1963, I liked seeing Beth-Ann take control. She understood that living with a cheating husband wasn’t worth it. And she ended up helping two more women in the process.

Simone and Karl’s story was definitely the most emotional out of the three. It could’ve gone a very different route and had them trying to make life miserable for each other. However, their love prevailed and they were able to cherish the limited time they had.

For me, Taylor and Eli’s story was the messiest. It was also the most predictable. I’m not against shows tackling different social topics, but I like it when they balance the different perspectives. Why Women Kill did not showcase a healthy polyamorous relationship between three adults, so that storyline came across as saying polyamorous relationships just can’t work. I mean, even a single episode featuring a well-written polyamorous family could’ve helped balance out what Taylor and Eli had to go through because of Jade.

Also, coming to another gripe, one of the earlier episodes showed various characters grieving in front of three different graves. After the finale, while Hector and Beth-Ann’s neighbor being present at the funerals made sense, why was Eli’s agent at Jade’s funeral? Why were there other people at Jade’s funeral anyway? It just didn’t make sense. In my opinion, that scene was a cheap shot to trick the audience. I didn’t like it.

Having said that, overall Why Women Kill is a fun series. It’s only 10 episodes long, and I recommend you give it a try over the weekend. Let’s see what happens in the second season, because it’s supposed to feature a new cast and characters.

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