To the World: Celebrate Good Omens Day by Averting the Apocalypse

Good Omens fans have been looking forward to celebrating Earth’s “birthday” today… And then Neil Gaiman made Good Omens Day official on Twitter!

The Good Omens fandom has had our calendars marked for October 21 ever since we fell in love with this amazing (canon!) nonbinary (canon!) romance about averting the apocalypse. So when we received a call to action by the co-author and showrunner to avert the *actual* apocalypse, how could we turn him down?

Twitter user @Mycopoftea posts: "According to #GoodOmens today at 09.15 is our Earth's birthday. I plan to collect rubbish and make a donation to a charity. Perhaps others like to join in to make a gift our favourite angel and demon would approve of for the Earth?" Neil Gaiman responds: "This is a WONDERFUL IDEA. If we are going to have a Good Omens Day I hope it’s always To The World, and helps improve the planet."
Neil Gaiman sets the tone for Good Omens Day: Help avert the ACTUAL apocalypse! (source)

First, a quick refresher on Good Omens fandom lore for those reading along who are new to the show. Within the first few minutes, the delightfully satirical religious theme is established when God herself confirms the birthday of the Earth once and for all…down to the exact minute:

“…Archbishop James Usher claimed that the Heaven and the Earth were created on Sunday, the 21st of October, 4004 BC at 9:00 A.M. This too was incorrect…by almost a quarter of an hour. It was created at 9:13 in the morning, which WAS correct.”
-God, Good Omens Episode 1

An elderly medieval scholar (Archbishop James Usher) shrugs up at the Heavens as if to say "really??" to God herself over the exact particulars on which date Good Omens Day falls on.
Archbishop James Usher celebrates the first Good Omens Day by going “really?” at God.

Here is a list of real life things the Earth would probably appreciate you doing for its fictional birthday:

1.  Take a Carbon Neutral Challenge.

2. Go on a walk through a natural area and bring a bag to pick up trash.

Pollution, the nonbinary horseperson of the apocalypse, throws a cardboard box into a river that's already full of garbage. The sun sets ominously in the background. Celebrate Good Omens Day by undoing the damages of real life pollution.
(How NOT to celebrate Good Omens Day!)

3. Find your local chapter of the Sierra Club and RSVP to an upcoming event.

4. Follow environmental advocacy and protection organizations on social media in an effort to widen your news sources and hear about important issues you might not otherwise notice. On Facebook, click the dropdown “following” menu and click “see first.” On Twitter, consider signing up for notifications whenever your favorite organization tweets.

The "Following" button on a Facebook page has a drop down menu. Select "see first" from this menu so you won't miss posts from your favorite pages. Celebrate Good Omens Day by widening your news sources about the issues that affect the planet the most.
Here’s how to activate the “see first” feature on your favorite Facebook Pages.

5. Pick one or more of the above organizations to donate to.

6. Using the above pages as a guide, spend time educating yourself about local and worldwide environmental concerns.

7. Call your elected officials about the topic from your research that they have the biggest chance to make a difference on.

(Bonus: Write a post about the thing you did and encourage others to follow your example.)

Author: Corellon Johnson

Corellon is an engineer, cosplayer, group admin, creative fandom polymath, and chaotic good paladin of Carrie Fisher.

They’ve run over 50 fan panels and con events and can be found starting way too many projects in the Good Omens, Bioware, and Star Wars fandoms.

Twitter: @coryphefish
Newport News, Virginia, USA

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