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  • Assert Identity Like A Geek With These Fandom Rolemodels

    Pop culture gives us a lot of role models for how to find the strength and the words to overcome a lot of personal struggles. But with underwhelming representation for trans and nonbinary fans comes an unsurprising scarcity of inspiration on how to assert your identity when society doesn’t understand. -Read our before commenting. Do […]

  • The Psychology of Fandom Hyperfixation

    You ever suddenly obsess over one single piece of media for days, weeks, or maybe even months? You can’t talk about anything else except your new shiny fandom and suddenly its your whole world.  This is what I call a Fandom Hyperfixation. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other […]

  • Dragon Con Overlooks Non-binary Rep in Good Omens

    In their haste to get a panel out about Good Omens in time for Dragon Con, the Urban Fantasy Track overlooked adding a single non-binary panelist despite the massive non-binary representation included in the show. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The Geekiary

  • Neil Gaiman Calls ‘Good Omens’ a “Love Story”

    Neil Gaiman has always been good to our quirky little Good Omens fandom.  He’s seemed to welcome shippers in particular, when many content creators tend to shy away from us.  But now he’s referred to it as a “love story”, and there’s no denying the queer overtones to the protagonists. -Read our before commenting. Do […]