Save the Post Office with the 12 Geekiest Stamps

We don’t usually geek out over the USPS, but they’re in trouble, and our elected officials aren’t helping. So what can you do? Invest in some stamps to save the Post Office, and do it for some incredibly geeky reasons besides just saving the world. Here are the most fandom-tastic stamp options currently available in their online store.

But first, a short list of reasons why you should save the post office and buy some stamps:

  1. FedEx would charge you over $15 to mail a birthday card to rural locations. The USPS is at times the only service that will deliver to some rural areas, and is certainly the reason it can be done affordably.
  2. With everyone else buying stamps now, you should hurry before your favorite designs go out of stock.
  3. If you don’t typically write letters, then stock up on some “just in case” stamps. Look at it as your step towards #adulting today that’s actually mildly enjoyable.
  4. You can buy one set to send letters to penpals now and another set to make sure you don’t run out later.
  5. You don’t have to store them in a drawer. Brighten up your desk or bulletin board (or someone else’s!) with your favorite designs.
  6. Send your kids or your nerdy friends’ kids some first day covers. These are pre-stamped envelopes with custom commemorative cancellation marks and can function as both a cool thing to get in the mail and an educational introduction to stamp collecting.
  7. Been looking for that perfect not-quite passive aggressive gift for older conservative family members? They almost certainly like mailing stuff. And they’ll surely appreciate your effort in supporting the free market, right?
  8. Stamps aren’t the only things you can order.  Also check out their variety of thank you notes, stationery sets, and vintage aesthetic mailbag totes.
  9. Whatever your reasons, just remember to buy at least one or two more sheets of stamps than you need to use immediately. Save the Post Office remember? This is a loan to help them through a rough patch so they can continue to be there for us as they’ve always been.

So now that that’s covered, let’s shop for some geeky stamps together:


Pop art dragon stamps in bulk. Individual sheets are already sold out on account of so many people saving the post office
Burninating expensive postal rates since 1775!

Type: 55 cent First Class Forever (4 pack, individual sheets are sold out)
Reasons to buy this one: DRAGONS. Need we say more?









A sheet of stamps alternating between an image of an astronaut and in image of the moon, all on a black background
…Emphasis on science fiction *aesthetic.* The moon landing itself was not science fiction!


First Moon Landing
Type: 55 cent First Class Forever
Reasons to buy this one: Do you like space? Do you like retro-future classic sci-fi aesthetic? Do you like that one really cool Doctor Who episode that features a boot on the moon? How about classic historical movies like Apollo 13? These stamps may be right up your alley.







A stamp featuring a painting of Sally Ride with a spaceship lifting off in the background
Be gay, do crimes, save the Post Office with Sally Ride!


Sally Ride
Type: 55 cent First Class Forever
Reasons to buy this one: Every awesome reason in the previous listing but with more LGBTQIA+ history! Add this awesome stamp of the first queer woman in space to your letters today.







A stamp featuring a blue artistic rat face is depicted in a traditional Chinese style with flowers, tassels, and sun imagery
*All surfaces to be covered with stamps*


Lunar New Year: Year of the Rat
Type: 55 cent First Class Forever
Reasons to buy this one: Do you love traditional Chinese art? Chinese media like Mo Dao Zu Shi? Western media influenced by Chinese culture like Avatar: The Last Airbender? Or maybe you really like fandoms with rats and mice (Redwall, Secret of NIMH, Narnia, Ratatouille, etc)







A sheet of stamps featuring a variety of dark windows. Each one has a spooky silhouette outlined. Each has a different background color (Lime green, orange, purple, and red)
This is so Hot Topic, we can almost hear the alt-rock music.


Spooky Silhouettes
Type: 55 cent First Class Forever
Reasons to buy this one: Do you want to celebrate Halloween in…uh, what month is it again? Big spooky fans, us. Get your Tim Burton spooktastic feels on with some hauntings in quarantine (or save the them for your Halloween cards, assuming we’ve successfully saved the Post Office by then).







A sheet of stamps featuring Scooby-Doo (a cartoon Great Dane, brown with black spots) watering a potted plant
Who ate all the quarantine Scooby Snacks?


Scooby Doo
Type: 55 cent First Class Forever
Reasons to buy this one: We shouldn’t really need to explain why Scooby-Doo stamps made this list, but while your Mystery Machine is idling, be sure you pick up a sheet of these.







A sheet of stamps featuring four different t-rex paintings
In lieu of a caption, please know that I have the Lone Dinosaur Song from Land Before Time IV stuck in my head now. -Corellon


Tyrannosaurus Rex
Type: 55 cent First Class Forever
Reasons to buy this one: Do you miss going to cons and watching people run around in inflatable T-Rex suits? Have you been laughing at the big head, little arms scene in Meet the Robinsons since 2007? Did Jurassic Park shape your childhood? You could ask a friend what their favorite dinosaur is–or you could just send them a letter with one of these stamps because let’s be honest, it’s probably the T-Rex!







Two stamp sheets featuring various Military Working Dog breeds such as German Shepherds. Background is red white and blue
such brave very valor wow



Military Working Dogs
Type: 55 cent First Class Forever
Reasons to buy this one: Do we really need to give you a reason to buy stamps with good doggos on them? Case closed.






A grid of four frog stamps, all of them are in a lovely green monochrome with leafy backgrounds
It’s not easy being green, but very easy to save the Post Office!



Type: 55 cent First Class Forever
Reasons to buy this one: While everyone is focused on Aziraphale and Crowley are you really more in love with a certain froggy demon? Do you have a lot in common with Tiana? (Note: we are not responsible for what happens if you kiss the stamp) Do you have a co-worker who loves frogs even more than the doorman in the Good Place? These frog stamps are for you!






A sheet of stamps featuring twelve different beautiful rivers in natural settings
Writing prompt: A short story or chapter set in each of these settings. Are they connected somehow?


Wild and Scenic Rivers
Type: 55 cent First Class Forever
Reasons to buy this one: Have you multi-classed some ranger levels? Are you missing our National Parks? Wish you could hang out with LARP friends again? Do you need inspiration for your next fantasy novel landscape? Are your dragon stamps not epic enough? Send your next letter across the country with a view of all the land it will be conveniently flying over!







A sheet of stamps featuring the same image of a tiger's face
The real tiger king is an actual tiger <3


Save Vanishing Species
Type: 65 cent First Class semipostal charity stamp
Reasons to buy this one: Are you still feeling a bit of guilt for watching Tiger King? Splurge a little bit more than a regular stamp and donate some funds to saving these beautiful animals as well as the Post Office. Absolutely no toxic drama involved, and you’ll be doing more actual good than the entire Netflix show.






A smaller sheet of stamps with four illustrated coral reef designs in a pastel blue background
Please don’t send each postcard to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. (You’ll need international stamps for that!)


Coral Reefs
Type: 35 cent postcard stamp
Reasons to buy this one: Did you know that postcards are cheaper to mail than regular letters? If you still have postcards left from your pre-quarantine travels, you can save twenty cents a stamp with these lovely reef options. Imagine yourself in the world of Finding Nemo or enjoying 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. (Does the fantastical underwater tunnel between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean have coral reefs we wonder?) Or maybe you just really like marine biology. Bonus points for sending a beach or water postcard with a reef stamp.







So which stamps will you be saving the post office with? Here are our picks:

  • Corellon: DRAGONS and Sally Ride
  • Caspian: Moon Landing and T-Rex

Vote for YOUR favorite stamps in the comments section. Did we miss any good ones? Is your favorite out of stock already? Do you have a personal connection to the Post Office? Did you click add-to-cart on any other amazing finds? 

Author: Corellon Johnson and Caspian Casillas

Caspian (left) and Corellon (right) are two feral nonbinary Crowley cosplayers who have a lot of thoughts about Good Omens and nonbinary representation. If you’re seeing this joint bio instead of one of their individual ones, you’re probably reading an article about one or more of these topics.

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