“Teleport” to a Better Future

Teleport by Hallopino
Teleport by Hallopino

Teleport by R.P. Ruffatti, Moomie Swan, & Xan Larson (Hallopino) transports you to the life of genius inventor Jessica Soto. It’s a sci-fi webcomic that focuses more on interpersonal relationships and the ethics involving the use of well meaning inventions.

Jessica Soto has done the impossible. She’s created a device that allows an object to teleport from one area to another. But right after her first successful attempt, she wounds one of her eyes. She wants to continue working despite the risks, so she keeps on until she finally manages to teleport herself.

When she reluctantly joins Alison and the rest of the team, Jessica doubts that sharing her work would do any good. What if someone steals and takes credit for the teleporter?

Teleport by Hallopino

The webcomic emphasizes the importance of human connection and self-care. Jessica devotes her time and energy to her invention, and she forgets to sleep and eat regularly. Of course, she risks her life as a result. When urged to move in with Alison, Lance, and Crystal, she struggles to open up at first. She wants to share her ideas to better the world, but not with people she doesn’t know too well.

The story provides a well-nuanced discussion about ethics and values in science and the environment. A beneficial object or invention could be weaponized. The story manages to execute its themes without redundancy or spending too much time on dialogue. It serves a good balance of action and drama.

Teleport by Hallopino

Teleport also features LGBTQ+ characters. Jessica is asexual and Alison is bisexual. The story gracefully handles their sexual identities well, especially with how they interact with each other. The webcomic highlights interpersonal relationships and human contact, making it a recommended read.

Teleport is available to read on Tapas. You can purchase a hard copy here. A digital copy is also available to purchase at comiXology.

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