Comic Book Reviews (Week March 10, 2021): Mighty Morphin Issue 5, Specter Inspectors Issue 2 & More!

mighty morphin issue 5 review
Mighty Morphin Issue 5 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Welcome to my comic book reviews for this week (March 10, 2021). I will be covering Mighty Morphin issue 5, Specter Inspectors issue 2, Space Bastards issue 3, and my thoughts on Storm’s appearance in Children of the Atom issue 1.

I’ll begin by talking about Mighty Morphin issue 5. From writer Ryan Parrott, the latest issue gave us a flashback showing how Matthew became the current new Green Power Ranger. From what I know about the Power Rangers fanbase, everyone is accepting of Matt holding the Green Power Coin. The way Parrott wrote Matt’s character journey made a lot of sense to me. I also liked his interactions with Grace and what she taught him as an ex-Power Ranger.

Also, shoutout to Grace’s coffee mug featuring a chibi Lord Zedd. I want one.

mighty morphin issue 5 review
Grace’s Lord Zedd mug in Mighty Morphin Issue 5 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Due to the kind of character Grace is, I understood where she’s coming from when she talked about the rules Zordon made the Rangers follow. While Zordon reacted to incoming threats, Grace wanted to be more pro-active. She wanted to change how the Rangers operated.

With Matt revealing his identity to the residents of his community (and the rest of the Rangers), I’m looking forward to seeing where he’ll go next and what Zordon’s got planned.

Does it have obvious queer characters? No.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

specter inspectors issue 2 review
Specter Inspectors Issue 2 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Specter Inspectors Issue 2

From Bowen McCurdy and Kaitlyn Musto, Specter Inspectors issue 2 showed our young team trying to find some answers at Cape Grace Library. While this story has a Scooby-Doo-like charm to it, I like how paranormal beings actually exist in this world. Due to Astrid being possessed by an actual demon, learning the demon’s name was the first step to help her.

I wasn’t expecting the team to encounter another ghost in the library, though. Apparently, the ghost (named Agatha) wanted to tell the truth about what happened to her father (the founder of the library) and how the town’s mayor wasn’t a good person. With our team of paranormal sleuths accepting a secondary mission to help Agatha, I’m quite invested in the primary mission concerning Astrid’s possession, especially after the story showed certain mysterious beings being privy about what’s wrong with her.

Does it have obvious queer characters? Yes.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

space bastards issue 3 review
Space Bastards Issue 3 (Image: Humanoids)

Space Bastards Issue 3

One thing is undoubtedly obvious. Space Bastards is relentless! Issue 3 featured even more chaos as Manny decided to feed his ego instead of keeping things professional. The latest issue was all about revenge due to Proton tricking Manny. So many deaths! So much gore! A lot of offensive language!

A couple of new characters were introduced, with the most interesting one being a chubby green alien named Zordakk who liked sleeping around. I also kind of want to learn more about Mary (who got tasked with delivering Proton to a hospital). I have my fingers crossed she isn’t pushed to the background to only serve as Proton’s love interest in upcoming issues.

With Manny on a rampage, I’m looking forward to seeing if he will quit being a deliveryman and solely focus on destroying everyone who tries to stop him from killing Proton.

In my opinion, writers Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey are going down the “burn everything to the ground” route and I’m here for it!

Does it have obvious queer characters? No.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

As for Children of the Atom issue 1, serving as the debut of a new story in the X-Men comic book line, it just made me laugh. From writer Vita Ayala, it introduced a bunch of young characters with superpowers and codenames resembling famous X-Men team members. Even though they were invited, the new kids didn’t want to come to Krakoa. 

The current issue had an entire scene featuring Logan, Scott, Jean, Kurt, and Ororo wondering how to handle the situation. A particular moment had Jean comment on Ororo’s empathy and that’s when I laughed out loud.

children of the atom issue 1 storm and jean
Children of the Atom Issue 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Now, where was Ororo’s impressive and loveable empathy when Ayala had her steal a sacred sword from Wakanda in Marauders issue 13? Why didn’t Ororo’s empathy kick in to have her wait five minutes for T’Challa to return and talk, like adults, about her needing the sword (which never existed in Wakandan lore before said issue)?

As stories continue to be told about Storm (even the ones in non-X-Men books), Marauders issue 13 continues to stick out as an example of how the events in that particular issue occurred only to try and wash away the years of work Coates put into his Black Panther run. And that’s disappointing. 

Anyway, which comic books did you pick up this week?

Feel free to let us know.

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