Jameela Jamil Announces Her Queerness After “Legendary” Backlash (Updated)

Jameela Jamil coming out legendary backlash HBO

Jameela Jamil coming out (Profanity edited out – Image via Twitter @jameelajamil)

Actress Jameela Jamil decided to use her Twitter account to come out as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. The move followed the backlash she experienced after the news about her role in HBO Max’s new show about ball culture, called Legendary, was released.

For those who don’t know, the streaming service HBO Max is working on Legendary. According to NewNowNext, the description reads:

Legendary turns modern-day ball culture into a competition, featuring divas battling on teams called “Houses” in challenges involving fashion, dance, and voguing. Each house is comprised of five performers and a leader. The nine-episode series features the teams facing off against one another for a trophy and cash prize. Each episode features a different themed ball and extensive footage of the competitors preparing behind the scenes.

It does sound interesting, right? More queer content to look forward to.

However, the backlash began when people read actress Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) would be part of the upcoming series as an MC and judge.

Of course, that didn’t sit well with some.

jameela jamil queer legendary

Image via Twitter @angelicaross

Jameela Jamil legendary coming out

Image via Twitter @tracelysette

Jamil took to Twitter to address the situation.

Legendary backlash

Even Pose star Indya Moore supported Jamil.

Indya Moore Legenday

During the continuing backlash, Jamil decided to come out as a queer person. And you know what? Good for her! Even though the environment it happened in wasn’t ideal.

Jameela Jamil coming out Legendary

(Profanity has been edited out)

Jamil’s coming out has received a lot of support from others. For many, it addressed the concerns they had about a cisgender straight woman running Legendary.

Some people are saying the queer community shouldn’t gatekeep when it comes to allies wanting to bring queer content to the masses. For them, it shouldn’t matter if Jamil was a queer person or not for her to be part of Legendary.

However, some say that if allies want to support queer content, they should offer a platform to queer people instead of taking all of the spotlight.

Also, there’s the issue of Jamil not having the experience for such a position.

jamil coming out legendary

Johnny Legendary backlash

Image via Twitter @JohnnySibilly (profanity has been edited out)

Let’s see how Legendary is received when it’s ready to debut on HBO Max.

What do you think of Jamil’s decision to come out?

Let us know.


Jameela Jamil Legendary backlash

Legendary backlash

Legendary backlash

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