Chucky 1×4 Review: “Just Let Go”

just let go chucky season 1 episode 4 review
Devon, Jake & Lexy looking in horror at Chucky in ‘Just Let Go’ (Screengrab: Chucky Season 1 Episode 4)

Chucky season 1 episode 4, ‘Just Let Go’, forced Jake to make a decision. Also, most of the young main cast now know about Chucky being possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

It’s understandable for Jake to feel guilty about his role in the events that led to Lexy’s house being partially burned down. What’s not understandable, for me, was the fact nothing happened to Lexy. The kids at her party were being treated at the local hospital. Caroline’s in a coma. Junior’s got breathing problems. However, Lexy’s able to walk around without a scratch or a single minor burn?

‘Just Let Go’ offered no explanation about how she was able to run away from Chucky even though he was ready to kill her in a burning room. Did she kick him into the fire? Did his face begin to melt from the heat and that allowed Lexy the chance to make a run for it? I would have liked an answer.

Anyway, with Lexy realizing that Chucky’s alive, I liked how she confronted Jake about how he gave Chucky to her sister in the first place. Lexy being angry at Jake made sense. However, no one’s going to believe her story about a killer doll. So, she’s stuck with Jake as the only companion to try and put a stop to Chucky’s killing spree.

Having Jake and Lexy reluctantly team up and go over to Lexy’s house to find Chucky made for an interesting moment. In a sense, I think Lexy brought up a good point. She’s aware she’s been emotionally bullying Jake (apparently, she’s never been physically rough with him or played a prank to cause him any physical harm). However, did such a level of bullying justify Jake jumping on the opportunity to have her killed? As far as Lexy’s concerned, there was some kind of darkness inside Jake that made him go along with Chucky’s plan to end her life.

In a way, I think both Lexy and Jake got each other. The two teens were, more or less, going through certain issues at home that urged them to act out in problematic ways. I’m not justifying Lexy being a bully, though. And with Jake saving Lexy’s life, even when a burnt Chucky was asking him not to, it will be interesting to see if Lexy really realized the error of her ways and will play a role in saving Jake’s life down the line.

Devon also got involved in the Chucky situation after going through online articles about the urban legend surrounding Charles Lee Ray. I liked how ‘Just Let Go’ used such a moment to deliver a flashback showing Charles, in his teens, growing up at an orphanage. Apparently, he’s always been good with kids. I think he considered himself a mentor and was in search of a kid with murderous tendencies to repeat the cycle of what happened to him.

Charles did find such a kid before deciding to run away from the orphanage (after killing the mean janitor, of course). Kudos to Don Mancini for showing us how Charles met a young Eddie Caputo. The fact Mancini’s able to deliver us a single timeline after seven Child’s Play movies (spanning decades) is quite impressive, especially when a number of other long-running franchises opt for easy reboots or completely ignore certain story developments.

Right now, it’s Chucky vs Jake, Lexy, and Devon. Here’s hoping an adult Andy soon appears to lend the teens a hand because you know Tiffany and Neca are going to show up soon and that’s not good for Hackensack. Heck, they might already be there and keeping a low profile!

From what I can tell, the only adult who might listen to the theory about Chucky being the killer is Detective Evans. Seeing her grill Jake during an interrogation session made me uncomfortable. However, you could tell she did that because she’s desperate to find an answer about who’s killing people around town and wants Devon to stay safe. Here’s hoping she’s able to make it out of the first season alive.

Other thoughts and questions:

  • Junior’s clearly not passionate about the sports his father wants him to play and be great at. I think he will stand up to his father soon.
  • Are we supposed to be suspicious of the woman, holding a baby, who made eye contact with Lexy as she followed Devon to his hospital room?
  • In my opinion, ‘Just Let Go’ offered more credence to the theory about how there’s more than one Chucky doll present in Hackensack.

What did you think of ‘Just Let Go’?

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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