Are We Getting a “Downton Abbey” Sequel Film? The Current Box Office Does Indicate a Yes!

downton abbey sequel film Thomas Barrow
Thomas Barrow (Left) in “Downton Abbey” Film (Image: Screengrab)

The moment I finished watching the new Downton Abbey film, I began hoping for a sequel. There’s still so much story that can be told. So, are we getting a Downton Abbey sequel on the big screen? The current box office numbers sure seem to indicate a resounding yes!

This article contains minor Downton Abbey film spoilers. Be warned.

The British period piece is on its way to beat newcomers Rambo: Last Blood and Ad Astra. Do I feel bad about both titles not getting the top spot? Of course I don’t.

Rambo: Last Blood has been criticized (by some) for being racist and misogynistic. So, you can miss me with that! Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra is more or less an Oscar contender. It’ll find the required reception as the awards season rolls in even though the audience isn’t fully supporting it. Some viewers have shared Ad Astra’s promotional campaign was misleading.

Anyway, right now, I just want to talk about the gloriousness that is the Downton Abbey film.

The initial studio expectations were around the $15 million range for the opening weekend. Rambo: Last Blood was being seen as the clear box office winner. However, things changed as the week progressed. According to current data (via Deadline), the British film is looking at a debut north of $31 million. That’s an amazing number, considering the initial forecast.

The reported production budget for the Downton Abbey movie is said to be in the $15-$20 million range. The movie adaptation of the highly successful TV show is ready to enjoy the profits during its worldwide theatrical run. Analysts are sharing that even if performance (greatly) falters, the film can expect a $60 million gross in the U.S. That’s a whole lot of money, making the chances of us getting a Downton Abbey sequel all the more likely.

It seems to have given the fans and critics what they want. The film has, as predicted, skewed older and has appealed more to women. Also, it’s good to see non-superhero fare being able to make money at the box office.

Another amazing thing about the Downton Abbey film is that it didn’t shy away from focusing on a queer storyline featuring Thomas Barrow. So, yes to having a movie (that has a queer main character in the ensemble) debuting atop the box office.

Barrow’s story has also been getting a lot of attention in media because of how it handled being gay during the 1920s.

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellows has already shared an interest in telling more of Barrow’s story if they do a sequel.

Director Michael Enger also talked about the importance of telling Barrow’s story, especially when it comes to letting the current audience know how tough it was for the queer community back then – and still is in certain parts of the world.

Enger also talked about a scene that was cut from the storyline. I don’t know about you, but because of the franchise’s love for drama, I can totally see the cut scene being used to tell Barrow’s story in the sequel.

There’s so much that can happen between Barrow and his new love interest named Richard Ellis. Only time will tell if the Downton Abbey sequel brings Ellis back or not.

Make sure to read our review of the film.

And yes, I’ll keep an eye out for news about a sequel being greenlit. Again, looking at the box office (which is far more than expected), we should be hearing the good news soon.

What do you expect from the sequel?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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