Wynd: The Throne in the Sky Issue 3 Review – Lots of Queer Talk!

Wynd The Throne in the Sky issue 3 review
Wynd: The Throne in the Sky Issue 3 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

From writer James Tynion IV and artist Michael Dialynas, Wynd: The Throne in the Sky issue 3 continued to progress the story at a nice pace while also featuring some interesting moments between the characters.

The third issue of Wynd: The Throne in the Sky opened with the Duke Yadriel getting his supporters ready to escape their prison and head toward the mountains to save the kids. We got to learn about Oakley’s father, Roderick, in the previous installments, and I liked how he was reintroduced into the present storyline.

The conversation Roderick had with the Duke was interesting in the sense that Roderick wasn’t really into politics. However, he couldn’t ignore politics anymore, especially when Oakley was being pursued by the Faeries.

With how the narrative of Wynd linked to real-life issues, I think Roderick coming to understand the Duke’s predicament was handled well. A bunch of people tend to be disinterested in politics until they have something personal at stake. This is especially true when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues. Not many pay attention to the struggles of the queer community until the life of someone they know is at risk of being impacted by anti-LGBTQ+ legislature. The same can be seen when looking at laws that can potentially harm communities of color and women.

One of the things I have been enjoying about Wynd has been the focus on adults being proactive. Not many stories targeting the YA or younger demographic give adults urgency. The parental figures are usually chilling at home or are dead while the young leads move the story along. So, seeing the Duke, Roderick, Ash, and others decide to work together to help save the kids was refreshing.

As for our core group of younglings, their journey through the icy terrain wasn’t easy. I smiled when Wynd was able to tell the group about a hot spring he had located. These kids needed a break, especially Merien (who had it the worst due to her insect-like biology). In contrast, Wynd seemed fine. He also transformed again in this issue. So, I’m looking forward to learning more about his powers.

Taking a bath together in the hot spring led to another well-written moment. With Sprytles appearing from inside the hot spring, Yorik jumped out because he didn’t want to be touched by them and turn into a Weirdblood or a “freak” as he put it. Yorik’s outburst led to him trying to explain his “bigoted” opinions in front of the entire group, but the damage had already been done. Thorn was hurt by Yorik’s words and understandably so.

wynd throne in the sky issue 3 review
Yorik trying to explain his stance in Wynd: The Throne in the Sky Issue 3 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Now, I think the current matter needs a nuanced take. I get why Yorrik’s words were harmful, but I can also see where he’s coming from. If you compared being a Weirdblood to being queer, I think it made sense for Yorrik to not want to change how he identified as. While sexuality and gender aren’t binary, being “cisgender” and “heterosexual” are still valid ways to identify as.

Being queer is okay. Being straight is okay.

Could Yorik have shared his opinions in a more respectable manner? Of course. In a way, he was able to do a bit of that in front of Oakley while the others slept. However, I hope he gets the time to have an actual conversation with Thorn about it too. Yorik mentioned that Thorn should already know who he was as a person because he and Thorn grew up together. But, as Oakley put it, that was before Thorn became a Weirdblood.

In a sense, things change when your best friend comes out later in life. Thorn’s trying to navigate the world in a different manner as a Weirdblood and having Yorik make Thorn feel that he’s less of a person now that he’s a Weirdblood was not it.

I liked how the writers also took a moment to share Thorn’s fears. Being a Weirdblood was new to him. The possibility of Yorik being disgusted by him made Thorn afraid. He didn’t want to lose his friend. Thorn was also afraid of how his father would react when they get to meet each other down the line.

Again, I hope these two talk!

Until then, at least Thorn’s relationship with Wynd has been moving along nicely. They have grown closer to each other and are supportive. The panel of them sleeping next to each other with their fingers touching was cute. Thorn even massaged the spot where Wynd’s wings attached to his body or the pectoralis, if you want to get technical about it. 

Wynd Throne in the Sky issue 3 review
Yorik talking to Oakley about his stance in Wynd: The Throne in the Sky Issue 3 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

As for the threat posed by General Eks, he’s all about killing the kids, especially Wynd, because he wanted to snuff out any hope associated with the return of the Winged Ones. The fact that General Eks was ready to kill his men to continue the war between the Faeries and humans added another layer to his vileness. The way he thinks is just evil. So, I highly doubt he can be redeemed.

Now, was I surprised that General Eks’ little army would find the kids? No. I mean, the protagonists are usually found when they decide to take a break. Also, I really liked the scene where Wynd pleaded for General Eks not to hurt him. Even though he’s the main lead, we have to remember that he’s still young and the threat of General Eks cutting off his wings cut would make him scared.

While unexpected aid came for the kids via a mountain giant named Strawberry, I’m still side-eyeing the new character. Seeing Strawberry put the kids in a giant bottle felt off to me. There’s a lot we and these characters don’t know about the magical world they are in. And I’m looking forward to learning more about mountain giants.

What did you think of Wynd: The Throne in the Sky issue 3? Do you think the kids should trust Strawberry?

Let us know.

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