Wednesday Webcomics: Four LGBTQ+ Short Webcomics to Check Out

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When I dig around for short webcomics, I’m not necessarily looking for a quick snack. After reading evocative gems like A Plant Called Milo and Wandering Souls, my admiration for concise storytelling and emotional impact in just a few episodes has led me to even more short webcomics to read and share on here. For this Wednesday Webcomics, I list four LGBTQ+ short webcomics that I highly recommend.

The four webcomics below feature Queer characters and themes. From taking that step into entering a new relationship to confronting with past trauma and mistakes, these four stories brim with emotional narratives and hopeful endings.


Tupperware by hagetori

Tupperware by hagetori

A webcomic adaptation of the short story by Anton E.A. (translated from Indonesian to English by hagetori). Saroni’s outspoken beliefs about LGBTQ+ rights make him a target in the village where he teaches. Imun deals with her mother’s ignorance and vitriol against Saroni (who is Gay). A powerful narrative about standing up to ignorance and bigotry, even when the ones inciting hate are our families and friends.


Ace Up My Sleeve by ssniper.x
Ace Up My Sleeve

Ace Up My Sleeve by ssniper.x

Dee’s traumatic past rears its ugly head when she lets herself enter a romantic relationship again. A well nuanced exploration of the misconceptions about asexuality and the ace spectrum.


Her Name Was Sunny by Madamka
Her Name Was Sunny

Her Name Was Sunny by Madamka

Since seeing Sunny for the first time, Dani feels warm and hopeful. After finding out that Sunny also works at the coffee shop, Dani visits her, falling in love with Sunny more each day. A gorgeous and heart wrenching story about missed chances.


Crushing Hard by Ronce
Crushing Hard

Crushing Hard by Ronce

Nousha meets her friend again after several years, bringing up a past assault that had endangered them. Her friend, a high school crush, has recently left her husband…the same man who had committed the hate crime and got away with it all those years ago. Nousha’s not sure whether to forgive her friend for being complicit then. A brutal approach to realizing the price of giving in to peer pressure and not holding others accountable for their actions.

Content Warning: Queerphobia, hate crimes, domestic violence, and child abuse


Do you know of any short LGBTQ+ webcomics? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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