Creator Spotlight: Son M.

Son M.
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Son M., an Algerian Muslim, writes for comics, video games, and animation. Their story genres range from thriller to post-apocalyptic, manifesting compelling characters and vivid settings. For this creator spotlight, I want to highlight their webcomic ANIMALHEADS (18+) which is available to read on WebToon.

Currently living in Chicago, Illinois, Son M. expresses their imaginative concepts and characters through prose and visual mediums. They’re the studio director for the indie game studio Perfect Garbage and the co-founder of Chimeric Animation Studios. Their YA graphic novel Thief of the Heights (illustrated by Robin Yoa) is forthcoming from Harper Collins in Fall 2022. Their prose, available to read online, demonstrates their vivid worldbuilding and dynamic characterization. Son M.’s comics (SCSM COMIC), including pitches for future projects, contain a vast potential for great and complex stories. From a sci-fi dark comedy about horrors on a colony ship to two boys traveling through a post-apocalyptic landscape on a talking motorcycle, this creator shows great promise. One of the webcomics they’re writing for (illustrated by Sam C.), ANIMALHEADS, provides an impressive glimpse into their storytelling prowess.

ANIMALHEADS by Son M. and Sam C.
ANIMALHEADS by Son M. and Sam C.

In ANIMALHEADS, four college graduates face an uncertain future. They decide to don animal heads and scare people for a living, but then something terrible happens. Now they have a murder to cover up. The story switches between before and after the murder, adding dimension to the characters. What’s impressive about ANIMALHEADS is the balance of crime and interpersonal relationships. These adults have just killed someone, and while doing what they can to make sure nobody else knows, the story reveals hints and snatches of their backstories.

ANIMALHEADS by Son M. and Sam C.
ANIMALHEADS (from top left to bottom: Lucy, Wyatt, and Vickie)

The main cast, complex and complicated, is racially, sexually, and gender diverse: Lucy is North African (Algeria) and French, Wyatt is Black, Vickie is a white lesbian; and Oliver is Italian American, nonbinary transmasculine, and Pansexual. ANIMALHEADS brims with suspense and thought provoking scenes.

ANIMALHEADS is available to read on WebToon. You can support the webcomic on Patreon.

Son M. is represented by Hannah Fergesen at KT Literary. Thuan Dang of The Gotham Group represents their screenwriting for television and films. Son M. is currently pursuing a PhD in Developmental Evolution and Genetics.


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